100+ Computer Fundamental MCQ

Computer Fundamental MCQ – This Computer Fundamental MCQ has covered basic to advance multiple-choice questions. I am sure, After watching this MCQ you will not see another MCQ. This question is designed for computer exams. This Computer Fundamental MCQ will help for your competitive exam.

Computer Fundamental MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)

Below given the 100+ Computer Fundamental MCQ which you can learn and practice with them. Promise me I will finish these 100 MCQs and try to learn something. After finished this MCQ you will be learn something.

These types of questions come from SSC, IBPS, RRB, RRC, and many Government and private jobs.

How to Computer Fundamental MCQ Use

There are 100+ MCQ available in the question and answer tables. The questions are numbered with #1, #2, and the answer is multiple choice question style with a slide button. First, read and understand the question and click on the right answer.

After clicking one of the four options, if the answer is right the answer will show a green box or if you select the wrong answer the box will show the red color.

You will get a score at the end of the question after being given all of the questions answered. So let’s start.

#1. What do you call a single point on a computer screen?

#2. First generation computers were developed during

#3. Second generation computer were developed during

#4. Third generation computers were developed during

#5. Fourth generation computer were developed during

#6. The first Generation Computer use_____________for circuitry and __________ for memory.

#7. The Second Generation Computer used ___________ for circuitry:

#8. __________ are used in Third Generation computers instead of transistors:

#9. ____________ are introduced in Fourth Generation Computers:

#10. _________ Language were used in First Generation Computers.

#11. The Vacuum tube used in First Generation Computer developed by:

#12. Language used in Second Generation Computer was:

#13. Who is known as father of Computer ?

#14. Which language was used in Third Generation Computer?

#15. Which of the following was a special purpose computer ?

#16. What are the basic operations performed by computers ?

#17. What is URL ?

#18. Which one is called the brain of Computer ?

#19. What are the two kinds of main memory in computer ?

#20. What is a cookie ?

#21. "BAK" extension refers to which kind of file ?

#22. Programs designed to perform specific tasks known as :

#23. A Cathode Ray Tube is found in :

#24. Fastest type of computer memory is :

#25. Which of the following is not an input device ?

#26. What type of device is a computer mouse is ?

#27. "BAT" extension refers to __________ file

#28. WAN stand for :

#29. Which of the following is both input and output device ?

#30. An error in computer data is called

#31. First machine to successfully perform a long services of arithmetic and logical operation was

#32. One MB is equal to ?

#33. BIOS Stands for:

#34. Which one is the largest space

#35. FORTRAN is:

#36. FORTRAN computer programming language is more suitable used for

#37. Which of the following is machine independence programming language ?

#38. What is called graphical representation of a directory or sub directory ?

#39. When was the first Electro Mechanical computer developed

#40. IRQ Stand for :

#41. Which of the following is a read only memory storage device ?

#42. Keyboard is a _________ device:

#43. Access time is

#44. Who invented the first computer ?

#45. Bit stand for

#46. GIGO stands for

#47. When turning on the computer which kind of computer memory first to activate ?

#48. Web cam is an ___________ device

#49. Computer Monitor is an ___________ Device

#50. USB is the acronym for :

#51. The resolution of a printer is measured in :

#52. The term Garbage in Garbage out related to:

#53. Computer printer is __________ device:

#54. Hard disk employ what technology as a storage mechanism:

#55. A 32 bit microprocessor has the word length equal to

#56. A collection of lines that connects several devices is called

#57. A complete microcomputer system consist of

#58. PC Program Counter is also called

#59. _________ is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations

#60. An optimizing compiler does :

#61. The ultimate goal of compiler is to :

#62. SPEC stands for:

#63. _______ converts the programs written in assembly language into machine instructions

#64. Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have

#65. What is meant by a dedicated computer ?

#66. Operation is normally specified in one field, known as

#67. A computer virus cannot be contracted by:

#68. A computer port is used to

#69. As a computer mouse moves over the table surface, the trackball is

#70. For storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU which Computer memory is used ?

#71. Following is not a primary storage device:

#72. What is cache ?

#73. When your computer speed beings to drop, which element of memory is likely overtaxed?

#74. Following is not a Computer OS (Operating System) :

#75. Computer monitor is _____________ device

#76. What is a software ?

#77. "TMP" Extension refers usually to what kind of file ?

#78. BIOS stored in :

#79. There are _________ bits in One byte

#80. Numbers are being calculated in computer in:

#81. Unix was developed by :

#82. Who is the founding father of Google Search Engine?

#83. UNIVAC means:

#84. The two major types of computer chips are :

#85. Microprocessor as switching devices are for which generation computer :

#86. EBCDIC stand for ?

#87. A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different units can handle data is:

#88. Computer is free from tiresome and boardroom called as:

#89. A hybrid computer is:

#90. Which type of computers uses the 8 bit code called EBCDIC ?

#91. To produce high quality graphics (hardcopy) in color, you would want to use:

#92. A computer displays ____ after processing the data ?

#93. Which button minimizes al the open windows and displays the desktop?

#94. A computer has four main parts ?

#95. Komal is reading the soft copy of a letter. Which part of computer is he using ?

#96. _________ keys are either used alone or in combination with other keys to perform certain actions.

#97. JPEG stands for __________________ ?

#98. Which among the following shortcut keys is used to add rulers in a drawing area ?

#99. The main memory of computer is also called as ________________?

#100. Storage which stores data after power of is called _____________ ?

#101. Internal hard disk is __________ ?

#102. In Memory, 8 bits is equal to __________ ?

#103. What is the name of the alternative mouse used in laptops?

#104. What does "GUI" stand for?

#105. What is software?

#106. What is an Ethernet port used for?

#107. Windows, macOS, and Linux are examples of ________.



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