How to Started as an Affiliate! Extensive Tips and Precautions for Beginners to Earn on Blogs [2021]

Affiliate popular as a side business that can be easily started. There are people who earn tens of thousands of dollar a month as a side job while working as office workers, and affiliates who earn millions of dollar or more as a full-time job, and it is a feature that they can earn a variety of ways.

If you can increase your income source as an affiliate, it will be encouraging for office workers who want extra income apart from their main business and for freelancers.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to start an affiliate, how to earn money, how to maintain a website, and so on.

Before starting an affiliate-Basic knowledge you need to know- What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are business models that make money by promoting and selling products and services on their own sites and blogs on behalf of advertisers who want to spread some products and services.

Some people may have a suspicious impression when it comes to affiliate marketing, but many advertisers are listed companies, and it is now a common marketing method.

Affiliates Have Two Ways to Earn

There are two types of affiliates: “performance-based affiliates” and “click-based affiliates.”

As the name suggests, performance-based affiliates are paid for their performance (purchasing products, requesting materials, etc.). For example, if you create a website that recommends green juice and users purchase products through that website, the advertiser will pay you as an advertising fee.

Unlike pay-per-click affiliates, pay-per-click affiliates allow you to receive rewards just by clicking on the ad, and a typical example is that it is installed in the sidebar of a web page.

How Much Can You Make With Affiliates?

Profits from affiliates is not consistent. You’ll look for sales on a yearly basis instead of a monthly basis. A good affiliate will make from $10,000 a year to $400,000 every year. A super associate will make upwards of $1,500,000 a year. (Neil Patel)

Affiliate Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest benefit of affiliates is that they are easy to get started without any special skills. Anyone can enter if they have an internet environment and Japanese ability to express what they want to convey.

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is that it takes time to produce results. Although anyone can participate, there are many rivals, and if you do not secure the number of articles, it will be difficult for fans to get on the site or blog, so it will take some time. Therefore, the reality is that there are many people who are frustrated on the way.

How to Start Affiliate [Start with Personal Blog Site]

In this chapter, we will explain how to start a specific affiliate in 6 steps.


Do Affiliates Start With Paid or Free?

[STEP1] Decide which section to enter

First of all, let’s decide to enter the trend.

Affiliates include “category that can be earned” and “category that cannot be earned”, and the following are examples of category that can be earned.

  • Finance / Investment / Insurance (credit card, consumer finance, FX, stock investment, etc.)
  • Job information (job change site, entrepreneurship, home work, etc.)
  • Beauty (esthetics, cosmetics, hair removal, etc.)
  • Sports gym (fitness gym, personal gym, etc.)
  • Health (health food, health goods, etc.)
  • Communication system (fixed line, provider, etc.)
  • Pet food (cat food, dog food, etc.)

In these categories, there are many competitors, since the unit price of affiliate offers is typically high and many potential buyers are considering buying.

On the other hand, sectors that do not come under the latter appear to have less competitors and opportunities.

Beginners prefer to avoid fields with many competitors, but it cannot be said that “competition is not fierce = easy to earn”.

If there are fields with total monthly remuneration of 100 million Dollar and 1 million Dollar, which field should be entered in order to earn 50,000 Dollar?

Of the 100 million dollar, 50,000 dollar is only 0.05% of the total, but of the 1 million dollar, 50,000 dollar is 5%. If you think of this as the overall share rate, you can imagine that the difficulty level of the former is lower.

In other words, it is easier to earn income if you choose a field with a large market and fierce competition. In order to earn effectively, it is important to choose the so-called “earning genre”.

However, it is not recommended choosing a field that you have no knowledge or interest in, just because you can earn money. In addition to thinning the content and making it difficult to produce results, writing an article itself can be stressful and can lead to frustration on the way.

When deciding on a category of affiliate entry,

  • The category you can earn
  • Own knowledge / interest

Let’s consider the above balance.

[STEP2] Narrow down the target

Next, narrow down your target on your site or blog.

We will narrow down the target to what kind of people will introduce the products (genres) decided in STEP1.

The point is to think about “what kind of troubles the user will have by purchasing the product”.

For example, it is expected that green juice will be drunk by people with health problems, but why do users want to be healthy? If the user’s deepest concerns can be taken into consideration, the concrete target image will become clear.

Once the target image is decided, you can select the theme and keywords that stick to the target and insert articles, so you can get a lot closer to getting rewards. Let’s narrow down the target firmly and try to create an article that solves your worries.

[STEP3] Site Production

Choose between a paid site and a free site, and let’s actually create an original site. Paid sites / blogs and free sites / blogs have both advantages and disadvantages. Please refer to the next chapter for details.

The content of the article is of course important, but it doesn’t make sense if the information doesn’t reach the user well due to the hard-to-read design. When designing your site, consider whether it is easy for users to read.

[STEP4] Register with ASP (Affiliate Service Provider)

ASP is an abbreviation of “Affiliate Service Provider” and is a company that mediates between affiliates and advertisers. It is necessary to select which product / service to pick up from the projects registered on this ASP platform.

Famous ASPs include Amazon Associate, and Flipkart, but beginners are advised to register at “Amazon Affiliate” first. We handle a wide variety of projects, so choose the genre or product you are interested in.

Source – Amazon / Flipkart

You may want to introduce products of different genres at once, but it is important to increase the number of articles about one product to some extent and then gradually expand the range.

Once you have decided on the product or service you want to introduce, apply for a partnership with the advertiser who offers the project. After that, once your partnership application is approved, you can place an ad on your site.

[STEP5] Article Creation

After registering for ASP, let’s write an article that actually promotes the product or service. If you devise a title that makes you want to read at a glance and the composition of sentences, the number of PV will increase and it will lead to conversion.

An effective way to convert, which is widely used by beginners to advanced users, is a review article that describes the impression of actually using the product.

When writing a review article, if you can convey the impression you used as it is, some readers will sympathize with it and want to try it. On the other hand, if you have “advertising” or “selling”, readers will not be reluctant to try the product, so it is important to take the stance of sharing your own experience.

[STEP6] Get an ASP review

If you purchase or apply for a product through the advertisement posted on the site, you need to undergo an ASP review. If you pass this examination, you can finally receive affiliate rewards.

However, if the item is canceled after purchase or if the item is refused to be received, it will not be considered as a result and will be rejected.

In this way, the basics of earning affiliates are to increase the number of articles and advertisements and increase sales by repeating the cycle of selecting products and services, writing articles, and undergoing examination when results are generated.

It is expected that it will take some time to monetize, so let’s continue working patiently.

If you want to start an affiliate, which is better, a paid site or a free site?

To start an affiliate, you need to set up a site or blog by yourself. At that time, should you choose a paid one or a free one?

I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Features of pay sites and blogs

When starting an affiliate on a paid site or blog, contract a rental server, acquire a domain and open the site. The cost varies depending on the service you use, but the standard rental server fee is around 100 Dollar per month, and the acquisition fee for your own domain is around 1,00 Dollar per year.

Benefits of pay sites and blogs

  • High degree of freedom
  • No unnecessary ads are installed
  • Less worry about server down
  • You can use your own domain

The advantage of pay sites and blogs is that they have a high degree of freedom. It gives you more design and no unwanted ads. Profitability is also high because you can place ads freely and strategically. Also, with paid blogs, there is no need to worry about the number of PVs increasing and the site becoming heavier.

In addition, paid blogs can use their own domain. If you use your own domain, you can use the original URL, which makes it easier for you to remember your blog or site.

Disadvantages of pay sites and blogs

  • It costs maintenance fee
  • It takes some time to create a site
  • It can be difficult to manage

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that maintenance costs are naturally required. Also, because of the high degree of freedom, it takes some time to create and manage the site.

Features of free sites and blogs

Recently, the number of tools that allow you to easily open a site or blog for free without specialized knowledge is increasing, making it easier for people who have little experience in opening a site to start affiliate marketing.

Benefits of free sites and blogs

  • No opening or maintenance costs
  • Less time and effort to open
  • Easy to manage

The advantage of free blogging is, of course, that there are no site or blog opening or maintenance costs. As mentioned earlier, it takes time to earn income, so running costs should be cheap.

In addition, multiple design templates are often prepared, so you can quickly open a site with a design that is close to your taste. Free blogs are easy to manage, so you can focus on writing articles.

Disadvantages of free sites and blogs

  • Sites and blogs may be closed suddenly
  • Unwanted ads are displayed
  • I can’t put ads freely
  • Low degree of freedom
  • I can’t use my own domain

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that there is a risk that the service content will be changed or terminated suddenly. The possibility that your blog will be closed suddenly and you will suddenly lose money at all is not zero.

In addition, unnecessary advertisements may be displayed, or you may not be able to freely place the advertisement you want to place due to the rules. As a result, profitability is limited and you may not be able to earn as much as you want.

Free sites and blogs have a low degree of freedom in terms of design. If you want to create a completely original site or finish it with an elaborate design, you should make it a paid site or blog.

Also, you cannot use your own domain for free blogs. Since the domain used is that of the service operating company, it may not be possible to continue using the same domain depending on the policy of the operating company.

I explained the advantages and disadvantages of paid sites and free sites, but if you are aiming for full-scale monetization, paid sites and blogs are recommended.

However, if you don’t want to spend too much on the initial cost, or if you’re worried about whether you can really make money, you may want to start with a free site or blog. Free sites and blogs are quick to launch and allow you to focus on writing articles. It’s also a good idea to get a feel for writing articles on a free site and move to a paid site when you want to enter the affiliate in earnest.

3 Tips To Earn Affiliates

There are three important points to make money as an affiliate.

  • Earn the number of PV
  • Aiming for long tail keywords
  • To convert

The above three points are very important, and if you write an article with these points in mind, you can get closer to monetization.

First, concentrate on collecting the number of PV (Page View)

The number of PVs (page views) is the number of times a user has viewed a particular web page, and the higher the number of PVs, the more times the page is viewed. If you look at it a lot, the probability of reaching a contract will increase, so securing the number of PV is a very important factor.

Also, in order to earn the number of PV, it is important to enhance the quality and quantity of articles on the site. Let’s analyze what kind of articles are collecting a lot of PV by using Google Analytics etc. and increase the number of articles with themes that are likely to be in demand.

More recently, we would hope to draw a high number of clients by making good use of SNS. Proactively disseminate information on Twitter and Instagram to expand your chances of gaining followers.

It is important to devise a way to make your site easy to see even from a smartphone so that users who are guided from SNS can read the article carefully.

Aim for long tail keywords

Beginners are advised to aim for long tail keywords first.

A long tail keyword is a keyword with a small search volume that consists of a combination of multiple words.

For example, even if you aim for a big keyword such as “Aojiru” alone, there are so many rivals that beginners can hardly win. However, if you aim for a long tail keyword with a relatively small search volume, such as “Aojiru Constipation Relief”, you can aim at a deeper target.

If you can scrutinize the keywords in this way and prepare articles with content that matches the target, you can efficiently make profits even on sites with a small number of Page View.

Finish with a theme and content that will convert (CV)

Conversion refers to achieving the final result on the site, such as purchasing a product. Even affiliates can earn income only after conversions, so it is necessary to think about how to increase the conversion rate.

In order to convert successfully, it is important to write an article with an appropriate theme and content aiming at the layer that is easy to convert. For example, a user who searches for “Aojiru recommended is easy to drink” is likely to think “I heard that Aojiru is bad, but if there is a delicious product, I would like to compare and purchase it”, which is likely to lead to conversion. It can be said.

If you can narrow down the information (taste reviews, prices, etc.) that people who want to buy delicious green juice want and introduce it in an easy-to-read manner, the possibility of conversion will increase further.

When thinking about the content of an article, it is a good idea to have a perspective of “what points should be emphasized when recommending a product that you like to a close friend.”

I think you should politely and honestly explain to your friends the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and what it is better than other products.

Similarly, for affiliates, you can create good articles that lead to conversions by thinking of your dear friends who want to introduce you to your product.

Precautions for operating affiliate sites

Lastly, let’s check the points to note when operating your own affiliate site.

Requires daily maintenance of the site

Just because the number of articles has increased and the rewards have come out does not mean that you can leave the site as it is. Affiliates have low barriers to entry and a large number of rivals, so if you leave them alone without updating or improving them, you may be overtaken by your rivals.

You need to keep studying what your rivals are writing and what’s missing on your site. Based on that analysis, let’s decide what kind of genre to develop and what kind of article to write.

Outsource articles after you can write them yourself

If you want to increase the number of articles even more than now, you can also use a method such as crowdsourcing to have someone write an article. However, it’s better to do this after you’ve been able to write your own articles and make money.

The skills of outsourced writers are not guaranteed, so they may not write the article exactly as you intended. It doesn’t make much sense to increase the number of articles with little information, so it is recommended that you first start earning some money and understand what the articles need before outsourcing.

Don’t forget to file your tax return

If you are a company employee and you earn more than 7000 dollars a year, and if you are a sole proprietor such as a freelancer, you need to file a tax return and pay taxes. If the amount of money earned by an affiliate exceeds this amount, be sure to file a tax return.

If an investigation is made by the tax office without filing a tax return, you will have to pay an additional high tax. If you don’t know what to do, you can consult with the tax office or tax accountant.

If you violate the rules, you may be forcibly withdrawn.

Affiliates also have some rules. Since you receive advertising fees from advertisers, if you break it, you will not be able to receive affiliate rewards, and in the worst case you will be forced to withdraw from ASP.

Even if you break the rules without being aware of it, it is naturally out, so be sure to check the terms and conditions in advance. The rules may differ for each ASP and advertiser, so be careful when expanding into different products and categories.

Start an affiliate and aim to diversify your income source from your core business

Affiliates are especially recommended for those who want to start a side job, as they can earn a considerable amount of income if they practice it the right way. If you diversify your income sources separately from your main business, it will lead to a stable life.

Anyone can get started easily, but it takes some time to get paid, so it’s important to start the site early and keep posting articles steadily.

Let’s create high-quality content in the appropriate category by referring to the content introduced in this column, and increase the number of Page Views and conversions.

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