53+ Android Mobile Secret Tricks

Mobile Secret Tricks Android makes up more than 81% of smartphones, but are you aware of all the features and options available on your smartphone?

The Google operating system has undoubtedly advanced significantly since its creation to become a highly potent weapon with a number of secret features.

Here, we’ll put everything together so you can get the most out of your Android smartphone. Therefore, we advise reading these 52+ tips on how to maximise your Android smartphone if you want to use it more productively.

Table Of Contents
  1. 52 + Android Mobile Secret Tricks 2022
  2. 1. Floating Keyboard
  3. 2. To lock, Double-Tap.
  4. 3. Swipe down twice for fast settings.
  5. 4. Without Unlocking your Phone, Launch the Camera.
  6. 5. Mark Messages Read from the Lock-Screen as Read.
  7. 6. For shortcuts, Press and Hold app Icons.
  8. 7. Google Assistant can help you find your phone.
  9. 8. Using Google Assistant, check the phone’s battery.
  10. 9. Google Assistant can provide directions to locations.
  11. 10. Multiple windows
  12. 11. View in pop-up mode
  13. 12. The Swype keyboard
  14. 13. Disable the Lock Screen At home
  15. 14. One-handed operation
  16. 15. Screen Mirror
  17. 16. Visibility Text and Pictures
  18. 17. Casting Material
  19. 18. Home Appliances may be Controlled.
  20. 19. Remove the app drawer – Home screen applications
  21. 20. Extra-dim
  22. 21. Turn off notifications
  23. 22. Take calls from PC
  24. 23. Messages from PC
  25. 24. Control your phone from a PC
  26. 25. Notifications/Whatsapp/other apps on PC
  27. 26. Photos on PC
  28. 27. Create AR Emoji [SAM]
  29. 28. Take measurements [SAM]
  30. 29. Edge Screen [SAM]
  31. 30. [SAM] Screen Edge Tools
  32. 31. Menu Assistant (Assistive Touch)
  33. 32. Dialer Auto-Completion
  34. 33. Effective Picture Editing
  35. 34. Document Scanning [SAM]
  36. 35. Extract Text from a Picture
  37. 36. Connect the Mouse
  38. 37. Connect the Keyboard.
  39. 38. Connect the Gamepad
  40. 39. Plants/Objects/Fishes must be identified.
  41. 40. Cast Presentations and Documentaries
  42. 41. [SAM] Record Calls
  43. 42. Screen Capture
  44. 43. [SAM] wireless Powersharing
  45. 44. Powersharing by Wire
  46. 45. Options for Developers
  47. 46. Utilize a Screensaver
  48. 47. Display Contact Information on the Lock Screen
  49. 48. Locate my Device
  50. 49. Notifications via Flash
  51. 50. Window Pinning
  52. 51. Tracks must be Identified.
  53. 52. Check the sensors and hardware – *#0*# [SAM]
  54. 53. Use a Mouse if you have the Screen Broken
  55. Conclusion
  56. FAQ – Android Mobile Secret Tricks

52 + Android Mobile Secret Tricks 2022

1. Floating Keyboard

Did you know that you may have a keyboard that you can position anywhere on the screen? You may even change the keyboard’s colour or theme and resize it. You must have the Google Gboard Keyboard App installed and set up as your primary input method in order to use this. In addition to resizing the keyboard, you may alter its colour or theme, and make a few other necessary alterations.

2. To lock, Double-Tap.

Are you finished with your task and want to put your phone back in your pocket? To do so, just double-tap the screen to lock it. If it’s not functioning for you, it’s possible that your phone doesn’t support this functionality.

3. Swipe down twice for fast settings.

Pulling down the notification area twice may be time-consuming, particularly if you have a lot of messages and want to modify the brightness or toggle a quick setting. Swiping down with two fingers is a quicker method to get there. It’s a useful magic trick for getting things done quicker.

4. Without Unlocking your Phone, Launch the Camera.

We often unlock our phones and hand them on to others to photograph. This is risky because someone might access crucial information on your phone. Simply slide on the lock screen to access the camera the next time you’re at an event. This way, your personal information will be safe and you can be at ease.

5. Mark Messages Read from the Lock-Screen as Read.

We receive a lot of emails every day. It might be tough to open all of the messages and mark them as read. A short tip is that you may mark messages as read right from the lock screen. This applies to SMS as well as popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

6. For shortcuts, Press and Hold app Icons.

If you take long routes to do chores, you will undoubtedly create several shortcuts. You can get things done quicker by tapping and holding on to icons. Each app (depending on the developer) will provide a variety of fast activities that may be really beneficial. Press and hold the dialer symbol to add a contact, and tap and hold the chrome icon to start an incognito window fast. Instagram provides rapid access to choices such as Camera, New Post, View Activity, and Chats.

7. Google Assistant can help you find your phone.

This approach will only work if your Google accounts on your phone and smart speakers are the same. Simply say, “Hey Google, where’s my phone?” and your phone will begin to ring. This might come in handy if you can’t locate your phone after a party. It may have hidden beneath the couch, under the bed, or in another realm. Using your Google Assistant, you can simply find it.

8. Using Google Assistant, check the phone’s battery.

If you’re about to fall asleep and lack the motivation to check your phone, just ask Google. Simply ask Google, “How much battery is on my phone?” and it will reply.

9. Google Assistant can provide directions to locations.

If you want to travel someplace, just ask your Google Nest device. “Send me instructions to the airport,” for example.

10. Multiple windows

Do you want to utilise numerous applications at the same time? Android has got your back. Simply launch the app combination in split-screen mode. This is handy if you want to read anything while working on a project. Drag and drop between windows is also possible. You may even adjust the applications to your liking.

11. View in pop-up mode

You’re doing some calculations and don’t want to jump between apps? Instead, use the pop-up view. To do rapid calculations, bring up the calculator as a pop-up window on your screen. The options are limitless.

12. The Swype keyboard

Do you still type the old-fashioned way? It’s time to make a shift. Swype is an excellent tool for speed typing. If necessary, enable it in the keyboard options and Swype away. Say farewell to single-key typing.

13. Disable the Lock Screen At home

To keep your smartphone secure, set up a PIN code or biometric scan to open it. However, this makes accessing your applications more difficult. Google’s Smart Lock function removes this barrier, giving you fast access to your phone—but only while you’re at home.

Tap Security, then Advanced Settings, and then Smart Lock from the Settings menu. You may deactivate the lock screen not just while you’re at home (the Trusted Places option), but also when your phone’s Bluetooth is linked to a trusted device, such as your vehicle audio unit, or when it detects you have it on you.

14. One-handed operation

These days, screens are becoming larger. Gone are the days when everything could be done with one hand by default. There are software improvements to combat this. To conveniently operate the phone and reach all corners, enable one-handed mode in settings.

15. Screen Mirror

Do you have an Android TV at home? To mirror your phone’s screen, download the Google Home app from the Google Play store. This is especially beneficial if you have company around and want to show off your gallery photos. Alternatively, show them a presentation.

16. Visibility Text and Pictures

You can zoom in or out on text and objects if you can’t see them or if you want to squeeze as much material as possible into the screen. Most applications react to these changes.

To alter the size, visit Settings and go to the Display section. Tap Font size and then move the slider at the bottom of the screen to make text bigger or smaller as desired.

17. Casting Material

While screen mirroring is wonderful, it should not be used to view content. Instead, use casting. This function is available in popular streaming applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Simply connect your TV and phone to the same network, then use the Cast icon in the app to play items on TV and control them with your phone. It’s very useful.

18. Home Appliances may be Controlled.

Once you’ve linked your Smart devices to Google Home, you can instantly control them by selecting the Devices option. This may be used to switch on or off lights, adjust TV volume, or play/pause smart speakers.

19. Remove the app drawer – Home screen applications

Have you recently converted from an iPhone to a simplified home screen layout? There is a solution to it. Navigate to the launcher settings and choose the Home screen applications option. You will now have an easier life and will not have to access the app drawer again. Swipe up to search like a spotlight. Thank you, Android, for such wonderful days.

20. Extra-dim

It is critical that we protect our eyes at night. Bright displays in bed, even when the lights are turned off, can be stressful. Extra dim is a feature that is built into Android 12. Simply turn it on to make the screen easily readable even in the darkest situations.

21. Turn off notifications

Too many notifications from unwanted apps annoying you? Simply hold a notification to bring up notification settings, and quickly turn off all annoying notifications from here.

22. Take calls from PC

Your phone app on Windows 10 and 11 offers a tonne of features. One of them is the ability to take calls from your PC. This trick really saves from back-and-forth switching while working on a laptop. Make your life easier, pair your phone to Windows and take calls from the PC.

23. Messages from PC

Making a transaction on your laptop and don’t want the trouble to look at your phone? Your phone app helps you see all SMS on your PC itself. You can even reply or copy-paste to get content on your laptop.

24. Control your phone from a PC

Here’s a quick trick to get your phone’s screen on your PC. Use the Your Phone app and click on the phone’s icon. Grant permission from your phone. Phone display will turn up on the PC and you’ll be able to control it from there. Pretty handy if you want to take screenshots of the app you’re developing.

25. Notifications/Whatsapp/other apps on PC

Stay focused and forget the hassle of switching between devices. Thanks to the Your Phone app, all your phone’s notifications are visible on the PC. You can manage them easily. Did someone ping you on WhatsApp? Don’t pick up your phone, reply to them right from your PC. You can use other apps too and even Pin them on your PC’s taskbar. Amazing trick indeed.

26. Photos on PC

Your phone app will keep your devices in sync. All your Gallery photos magically appear on your PC. You can even save them to the PC without having to worry about finding USB cables.

27. Create AR Emoji [SAM]

AR stands for Augmented Reality. You can create an avatar for yourself and do fun things with it.

28. Take measurements [SAM]

Download the Measure tool in AR Zone to take quick measurements of your room. Next time you want to buy a carpet, just use this trick on your phone first before stepping out.

29. Edge Screen [SAM]

This is a great way to access your apps and multitask. The edge screen is highly customizable and you should definitely check out all the options to make it most productive for you.

30. [SAM] Screen Edge Tools

The Edge screen is unique in that it also functions as a toolbox. View the compass, tally counter, ruler, and other tools. Bring these tools with you the next time you go exploring.

31. Menu Assistant (Assistive Touch)

Do you need assistance? Select Assistant Menu from the settings menu. It is comparable to the assistive touch feature seen on iOS devices. It allows you to rapidly snap screenshots, access alerts, and do other things. Personalize and customise it as you see appropriate.

32. Dialer Auto-Completion

This is an old technique from the book. A person usually spends a lot of time looking for a contact and phoning them. It auto-completes faster this way. It functions similarly to the T9 dictionary found in Nokia phones. For example, to reach John, you would need to call 5646. John’s name will appear automatically. Apply a similar strategy to others.

33. Effective Picture Editing

After shooting images, the photo editor provides several alternatives. You may adjust the backdrop, colour, and other aspects of a photograph. It’s extremely strong and certainly worth looking into if you want to make your images stand out.

34. Document Scanning [SAM]

Scanning documents is an option in the Samsung Notes app. When you’re through scanning, save them in pdf format and share them.

35. Extract Text from a Picture

There are occasions when we come across photographs and have to manually take notes. To address this issue, you may simply export text from photographs. The Google Keep app saves the day. Insert a picture into a message. Tap on the picture, then choose Options > Grab image text. Life is simple!

36. Connect the Mouse

Connect a mouse to improve cursor accuracy. Get the extra benefit of right-clicking when surfing for a more structured and optimised browsing experience. Make any necessary modifications to the settings.

37. Connect the Keyboard.

Want to finish that big essay while on the go? Simply connect a Bluetooth keyboard for simple typing. Finally, work may be done while on the go.

38. Connect the Gamepad

If you have an Xbox or PlayStation controller laying around, connect it to your computer through Bluetooth. On-the-go gaming. Relax on the grass and play some simple games. OR place your phone on a stand and start playing. Good day, GTA.

39. Plants/Objects/Fishes must be identified.

The Google Lens tool is very useful. Identify and get information about what is in front of you with ease. There is no need to save the picture and do a reverse image search.

40. Cast Presentations and Documentaries

Google Slides perform well in the ecosystem. If you have a Chromecast device on the same network, you may wirelessly deliver your material to the audience. Bye-bye, HDMI cables.

41. [SAM] Record Calls

The built-in call recording may be activated through dialer settings. Open the dialer, hit three dots, and then choose Settings. Locate the Record Calls option and enable auto-recording.

42. Screen Capture

Do you want to record app instructions for a friend or finish a project? Capture your screen. Find the screen recorder option in the fast settings area. You may choose different recording settings as required. Begin recording. When you’re finished, the recording will be stored to your Gallery.

43. [SAM] wireless Powersharing

This function may or may not be accessible on your device. Charge another device that supports wireless charging, such as an iPhone or a smartwatch. When travelling, this is ideal.

44. Powersharing by Wire

You can charge another gadget if you have a type C to C connection. To share electricity, connect the ends to various phones. Perfect for rescuing a pal whose battery has died.

45. Options for Developers

There are several sophisticated settings that are by default hidden. Many of you may already be aware of this, however for many new Android users, tapping on the build number a couple of times unlocks developer options. You should be aware that certain choices are sophisticated, and you should not experiment with them unless you are confident in your abilities.

46. Utilize a Screensaver

Screensaver is an excellent method to improve your charging experience. Choose from the built-in screensavers or search the Play Store for a nice one. I’d like to thank the creator of this screensaver that I discovered. I’ll provide a link to it in the video description. It’s completely free and very customizable. [this link]

47. Display Contact Information on the Lock Screen

This is a good approach to displaying critical information on the lock screen. You may show your name, contact information, or your nickname.

48. Locate my Device

Using the Android device manager, you may locate and ring your smartphone. Do a Google search for “Android device management.” When you open the page, you’ll notice your devices listed. Discover methods for the ringing or even erasing material from your device.

49. Notifications via Flash

Is it becoming tougher to locate your phone in the dark? Or do you just want to show off your device? In the settings, enable flash notifications. The flashlight will glow whenever you get a call.

50. Window Pinning

Do your annoying children want to play games on your device? Don’t worry, there’s a method to do so securely without giving them access to your phone’s settings or personal info. The app may be pinned, making it hard for anybody else to access it. Sigh of relief when you give over your phone to someone else; just pin the app beforehand.

51. Tracks must be Identified.

We all like music. Sometimes you hear wonderful music and it’s tough to recognise the tune. Shazam’s magic allows you to swiftly identify the tunes being played nearby. It’s an excellent app for music fans.

52. Check the sensors and hardware – *#0*# [SAM]

This is a secret code that allows you to test all of the sensors and devices. If you’re looking to purchase a second-hand phone or fix a problem with your current phone, this app comes in handy.

53. Use a Mouse if you have the Screen Broken

You may use your Android as if it were a computer mouse, so you just need the converter cable from the micro USB to the USB port (like the one that has your computer). As soon as you connect the mouse to the device, a mouse pointer will appear on the screen, which you can simply operate.


I hope that this collection of Android tips, tricks, and hacks / secret hidden features will assist you in making the most of your Android smartphone. Thank you for your time!

FAQ – Android Mobile Secret Tricks

How do I get the most out of my Android smartphone?

Google’s operating system has advanced significantly since its creation and there are many hidden features it offers that we’re sure you don’t know about.

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