2 Reasons Why Blogging is Encouragingly For Businesses

Blogging is encouragingly for businesses: Blogs are almost the only medium for companies that they can control. What are the benefits of blogging, a controllable medium? Especially for those who are thinking of starting a blog, this article is dedicated.

blogging is an encouragingly for businesses

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Why Blogging is Encouragingly For Businesses & Why do you love blogging?

1. I want information! If anyone thinks, it can be a point of contact from that moment

Content published on the Internet is a point of contact with anyone using the Internet. However, it is impossible to provide all kinds of information unless you are a very large media company.

Especially if you run your blog as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll narrow down the genres of content you publish to some extent.

However, if you publish a lot of content in a particular genre, it will be a powerful point of contact when someone who wants to know about that genre appears.

On the contrary, if you do nothing, it is almost impossible to reach your site from the Internet.

There are not many ways people can find information on the Internet.

  1. Use a search engine
  2. Pick up from social media
  3. Get taught by chat etc.
  4. Subscribe to the site you care about with RSS etc. (or search using the search function of RSS)
  5. Get information on the genre you are interested in using curation services

I think there are other details, but in general, it’s like this. All of them are information gathering centered on content, and it clearly shows that people would not visit the website without the content. Blogs are a great way to publish a lot of that content.

Websites with a lot of content are also useful from the following perspectives.

  • Which is more preferred, a traditional website that spills product information as a corporate megaphone, or a website where interested people can get information?

Blogging is an Encouragingly for Businesses

The product information page itself is like a tasteless and odorless drink, although I can’t deny it because many people want to get that information. In order to add flavor to the page, it will be necessary to prepare content that introduces new “convenient usage” and “unique usage”.

Unique content not only has a positive impact on the viewer, but it also lets many people know about themselves through search engines and social media.

Since users can make decisions that better meet their needs based on such information, it is actually not only for companies but also for users to make websites with a lot of content. It is.

2. Can be authoritative

Companies with good blogs can authorize online.

HubSpot is a good example. HubSpot reigns as the king of inbound marketing, partly because of the superior software HubSpot, but HubSpot’s blog generously provided marketing know-how and was recognized as a useful blog. That is also a big reason.

Today, more than 150,000 people subscribe to Feedly, a major RSS feed, leading the idea of ​​subscribers. Also, many of the search keywords related to web marketing appear on the first page of Google.

This will increase the number of users who are interested in web marketing to find the content and seek it as a leader.

Shoutmeloud is a good example in India. A single blog post collects more than 100 blogs, gaining huge momentary access, and getting long-term traffic from search engines.

To summarize the above example, there are three major benefits.

  • Become an ideological leader and influence many people
  • Great benefits for running SEO and social media
  • Companies that run authoritative sites can get job requests


How was it? I wrote about blogging being a lovable thing for companies.

Good content will appear at the top of search engines, attracting people to your website in the long run, and attracting future customers. Search engines aren’t explosive, but they’ll attract a certain number of people over the long term, making them a very stable source of potential customers.

Blogging doesn’t succeed overnight. However, it is an asset that increases as you accumulate, and the more you write, the more you will get a return.

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