Computer Knowledge | A Simple Definition You Have to know

A Computer Knowledge Simple Definition

Computer Knowledge Definition

Computer Knowledge: A Simple Definition You Have to know :- A detailed discussion of how the best contribution of modern science is helping computers in various fields.

Concerning this order – implementation of computer cases, science, weather and retained in the area to provide climate information, business and office work computer, bank serving the computer, ticket storage computer, the treatment area is retained, teaching computer, book releases retained, Entertainment area computer, communication system Computers in industry, industry and engineering.

With the development of civilization, the development of the human intellect. It is only because of the steady development of human wisdom that the epoch-making changes have taken place in the ancient Stone Age man and in the civilized man of the twentieth century today.

So human progress has not happened overnight. In order to reach today’s developed state, man has to come through many stages of progress. It was astonishing to think that our ancestors used to live in the jungle, eat raw meat because they did not know the use of fire, and wear bark of trees. Science has reached the pinnacle of human progress.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the success of genetic engineering has been a milestone in the triumph of science, such as the victory over long-term diseases, the cloning of relatively lower-class organisms, and the efforts for human cloning.

Of all these achievements, one of the greatest contributions to science has been to humans (computers).

Computers play the role of the best companion in modern human life. Today there is no such thing as a human being without a computer. Computers have played a key role in the development of large-scale urban transport, telephone bills, cooking gas bills, insurance bills, and so on, from space reservation to aircraft.

Why did we (Jurassic Park) see the activities of the long-extinct Dinosaur in the Earth? This was only possible because of the computer. Mobile phones, faxes, computers, and the Internet have revolutionized communications. With just a click of the mouse button, we can see how far we can see the products of the shops or businesses on the computer screen and buy them. At the heart of it all is the charisma of computers.

This computer is one of the most important components of life, from entertainment to entertainment, from the country’s defense system to research.

A Computer Knowledge Simple Definition

In the fourth edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the word “computing” was first introduced, which means (to count). In the last version, the word “computer” was used to mean an electronic calculator. But the question is, what was the purpose of modern computers?

Why have humans been using their brains to account for so many centuries? From the construction of the ancient altar to the goddess, modern radio, television, etc. have been invented without computers.

So it is clear that the computer must have some other features, not just only calculations or calculations, which is why it is so important today.


The past century has been important in the development of computers. Modern computers took shape in the first half of the twentieth century, when the whole world was in the throes of war. Extensive research was needed in many areas during World War II. During the war, night bombers, warplanes, heavy artillery, and tanks were used.

Radar was required by radar to locate enemy planes, to destroy enemy planes, and so on, and it was kind of impossible to do that. Scientists were trying to solve all these problems, and these calculations also needed to be accurate.

Scientists are working to address these issues, and efforts are being made to develop better, more efficient computing. Although many institutions were working in this direction, the U.S. Department of Defense and Moore’s Engineering Institute jointly launched the project in 1942.

They surrendered on February 15, 1946, to the world’s first electronic computer army. The computer is called the “Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator” or ENIAC. It can do large calculations without an error.

It is clear from the above arguments that computer was first used only in mathematical work. Apart from that, it can be doing a lot of work today.

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