A must-see for anyone who wants to start Correct SEO knowledge ! 15 articles to read to learn more

Correct SEO knowledge is essential for proper website operation. Correct SEO is essential for effective website operation. So here 15 articles to read to learn more.

“Did you have trouble writing on your blog? Then let’s use the BLOG TOPIC GENERATOR! This week’s blog theme was decided in “15 blogs to read when practicing SEO”.

correct SEO knowledge

This time, we have collected articles for SEO to acquire the knowledge necessary for website construction and marketing. If you read the article here, you will surely acquire the knowledge of SEO in line with the times!

Articles you want to read when building a website

1. Correct SEO knowledge and usability

The purpose of search engines is to provide the best solution to the questions that users ask. Algorithms are introduced into search engines to achieve that goal, and SEO is to put the best measures for the algorithms on the website.

In other words, SEO is about answering user questions.

2. [Correct SEO Illustrated] Google Algorithm Structure Diagram for Non-Experts (What is Hummingbird?)

What about Google’s search engine algorithms to show the best solution? Infographic. Even if you are thinking of leaving specific SEO to an expert, you need to know the flow of determining search results.

This is because it is not possible to determine whether the strategy devised by the expert is effective or even SEO correct.

First, Google roams the Internet and does a task called crawling to index web pages. Indexing is a sign that you have registered a page on a huge database called Google.

When a search is performed with some keyword, various information that determines the search ranking is used to narrow down the pages to be displayed in the results.

And finally, the search results are displayed with additional information such as penalties, panda penguins updates, and recently added Hummingbirds.

3. What are Google’s Panda Update and Penguins Update?

In the explanation about the “Panda Penguins Update” of Google’s algorithm earlier, it is explained briefly without using difficult terms.

Both are updates that punish websites that have been backed by many poor backlinks, even though they lack useful content. With this update, quality content has become more important.

In short, websites that have been steadily continuing to benefit their users are now receiving a legitimate reputation.

If you would like to know more specialized knowledge, please read ” Pandas and Penguins — What is Google’s algorithm update and how to deal with it ” by Web-based Forum.

4. Hummingbird, Google introduces a new search algorithm

Hummingbird is Google’s major algorithm update last year that enhances natural language search. Natural language search may sound difficult, but the point is that it means spoken language.

With this algorithm, we can understand the location of the search and the meaning of the search target, and give a better answer.

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This will have a big impact on SEO! Although it does not have the character of that, it has increased the importance of the act of writing in human language rather than automatically generating articles.

5. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Key Points Pickup [Free] [SEO]

Google has published a guidebook called ” Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide ” (* PDF) for website administrators. This guideline is issued directly by Google, so everything written here is the “correct answer” of SEO.

I definitely want the website administrators of the world to read it.

This article is an excerpt from a particularly important part of the Starter Guide and should be read in parallel.

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6. What is SEO spam?

SEO spam, commonly known as black hat SEO, is the act of tricking users and search engines into trying to get to the top of search results. The content written here should never be done.

Malicious SEO vendors may use these methods, even though they know they’re bad. If you outsource, carefully consider whether the company (or individual) is credible.

7. Dealing with SEO vendors who repeatedly violate guidelines

This article was published on the official blog for Google webmasters.

The article that describes the black hat SEO vendors mentioned above describes specific techniques and solutions that should be taken after they are discovered. I’ve never had a problem with this, but it’s an article that I want to add to my favorites and remember in case of an emergency.

8. Understand 301 redirects and 302 redirects for proper SEO

When you rebuild your website, if the URL or structure has changed, you’ll have to redirect. A redirect is a process of moving to a new URL when the old URL is accessed. 301 and 302 redirects are a type of redirect.

If you want to migrate web pages permanently, you need to make a 301 redirect. This article provides an easy-to-understand explanation of 301 and 302 redirects.

9. 118 Practical SEO Manuals

An understanding of the Starter Guide and Black Hat SEO is necessary before building a website, but this article should be reviewed after building.

Before publishing your website, let’s check it instead of a check sheet!

10. [Latest Version] Google Webmaster Tools Complete Manual

Find Job! Startup’s article.

Google Webmaster Tools is a service provided by Google for the sound operation of websites. You’ll get information that’s out of your throat, such as how to improve your website and what keywords are driving traffic.

It’s a must-read article because it’s very easy to understand how to use it effectively!

11. What is Responsive Web Design?

There are several ways to make your website mobile, especially smartphones, and responsive web design is one of them. Responsive web design changes the display size according to the screen size, so the website is always displayed in the optimum size.

Unlike mobile-only sites, you can provide a site to all terminals with one URL, and unlike dynamic distribution, you can display it on all terminals with one source code.

Google recommends creating a website with this responsive web design, so if you are thinking of renewing your website, please consider this first.

Articles you want to read to utilize SEO in marketing

12. Best SEO keyword for your business

To be effective with SEO, you have to decide the keywords of the content to be created. This is because even if you create content indiscriminately, the effect will not be improved. This article describes the flow for developing an effective keyword strategy.

As mentioned in the article, the important thing is not the keyword of the word like “baseball glove”, but the keyword that combines two or more words like “baseball glove small hand”, which is a long-tail keyword. (In contrast, word keywords are called big keywords). Long-tail keywords are generally more valuable in business.

When starting your content strategy, first consider long-tail keywords.

13. 2012 SEO and Inbound Marketing Outlook

Inbound marketing is not about SEO, but inbound marketing wouldn’t be possible without SEO. Inbound marketing sublimates the concept of providing content, having interested people find it, educating potential customers who have become fans, and getting them to become customers.

As long as there is a flow of getting interested people to find it, SEO has an inseparable relationship.

This article details the relationship between SEO and inbound marketing, so it’s a must-read for anyone looking to tackle inbound marketing.

14. You Need Updates to Increase Site Access

Search engines are said to prefer fresh websites. That’s true, and refreshing a fresh website will increase the number of indexes and make it easier to see in search results (although, of course, good quality will show older ones).

This article explains its meaning in an easy-to-understand manner.

15. If you spend money on SEO, you can spend money on content properly, these days

It has appeared many times in the articles introduced so far, but since it is the most important thing, I brought it again at the end. Don’t forget to apply technical SEO, but more importantly, provide quality content. That’s because technical SEO alone has its limits.

In other words, modern SEO is perfect if it meets both technology and content. Mr. Kazuishi Nagae’s blog can be said to be a sample, so let’s look around the entire blog, not just this article!


What did you think?

After reading all the articles, you may get the impression that SEO isn’t just about adapting to search engines, it’s about users who are ahead of you.

Use the articles here to come up with the best SEO strategy!

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