5 Tips To Earn Profits With a Diary Blog | 2021

If you start a blog anyway, you want to run it so you can make money. But the main thing is that you can’t make money with a diary blog ! Earn money for blogs that you need to know in advance.

“I want to start a blog, but I’m wondering what to write.”

“How can I create a lucrative blog?”

“Can I make money by updating my diary?”

If you’re starting a blog, don’t you have this kind of problem? If you start a blog anyway, you want to run it so you can make money.

But the main thing is that you can’t make money with a diary blog! You need to know blog posts in advance to make money.

Therefore, in this article, we will present the following topics-

  • Why can’t you earn a diary blog
  • Reasons for different blog recommendations
  • Tips to make a profit

By reading this article, you’ll know what you need to make money on your blog ! There are some techniques that you can use from today, so please refer to them.

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Two Reasons You Can’t Make Money With a Diary Blog

As I said at the beginning, you can’t make money from your diary blog . Here, we will introduce the reason.

Specifically, there are the following two points.

  1. Basically not read by anyone
  2. Making money provides value

I will explain each point in an easy-to-understand manner.

Basically Not Read by Anyone

Diary blogs are basically not read by anyone. The reason is that it doesn’t appear at the top of the search results.

Obviously, a blog is meaningless unless someone reads it. No matter how many unread articles you write, you can’t make money.

The more content that Google helps users, the more they rate the site or page. In other words, it is judged that the diary blog cannot solve the user’s worries.

I will explain using a strong example.

I went to a cafe with Mr. A today. The latte here was the best! I think I want to go back.

Diary blogs have a lot of content like this. I will write mainly about “what I did today”. This kind of content cannot be said to be very useful content.

Let me be clear, unless you’re a celebrity or a well-known influencer, your diary isn’t in demand ! To be honest, I’m not interested in the life content of ordinary people.

For this reason, diary blogs are not read by anyone.

Making Money Means Providing Value

It’s not just about blogging, but making money is about providing value.

For example, if you go to a bakery, you will get delicious bread in exchange for money. The bakery side provides the value of “bread”, so you can get rewards from customers. This is how you make money.

On the other hand, diary blogs cannot provide value. It’s content that is n’t useful to users . Therefore, you cannot make money with your diary.

If You Want To Get Into The Habit Of Writing Essays, You Can Use A Diary.

Diary Blog

I told you that I can’t make a diary. But if you want to get into the habit of writing articles, a diary is fine.

The biggest barrier to blogging beginners is the inability to write articles .

  • I don’t know what to write
  • It’s hard to face the computer all the time
  • It’s a pain to write an article
  • I often hear the above problems. For those who don’t usually write blogs, updating just one article can be a daunting task.

In the worst case, it can be frustrating. Therefore, start from the diary If you want to get used to write articles it is a good idea.

Again, it’s hard to make money with a diary blog. So if you really want to make money on your blog, I don’t recommend a diary. Let’s divide it as a practice.

Diary Blog

Beginners of blogging often get frustrated about what to write. Therefore, it is OK to write your own daily life. This is because you don’t have to worry about blogging.

The miscellaneous blog is recommended for people who want to make money while writing their daily lives . You can make money with a miscellaneous blog.

What is a miscellaneous blog?

A blog that writes articles without narrowing down the theme.

Roughly speaking, I’ll write anything! That’s the blog. Since there are miscellaneous articles, it is a miscellaneous blog.

However, if you don’t narrow down the theme, you don’t know what is different from the diary. Therefore, I briefly summarized the differences between the miscellaneous blog and the diary below.

Miscellaneous blogDiary Blog
Contents – Thinking about the reader (user first)
Contents – Communicate what you did (self-satisfaction)
Rating from GoogleNo Rating from Google
ProfitabilityNo Profitability

The big difference is the content. It’s important to think about the people who read the blog .

The reason why miscellaneous blogs are earned is that they can provide useful information to users . If the content is useful to the reader, it will be highly evaluated by Google.

As a result, it will be displayed at the top of the search and become a blog that can be seen by many people.

5 Tips Necessary To Earn Money On a Miscellaneous Blog

Diary Blog

If you want to make money from blogging, I recommend the miscellaneous blog rather than the diary. However, there are some points to be aware of when running a miscellaneous blog.

Specifically, the following 5 points.

  • Keep in mind articles that are useful information even if others read them
  • Be aware of attracting customers from SEO
  • Aware of quality rather than mass production of articles
  • Write what you have experienced and what you are good at
  • Start a blog with WordPress

If you want to make money on your blog, you have to keep in mind every point. Be sure to check it.

Keep In Mind Articles That Are Useful Information For Others To Read

When writing a miscellaneous blog, keep in mind articles that are useful information for others to read!

I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner using two patterns of articles, bad examples and good examples. For example, let’s say you write a blog that you went to a cafe with a friend on the weekend.

Bad Example:

I went to a cafe with Mr. A today. The cafe latte here was the best! The latte art was also cute. I want to go again ~!

Good Example:

Today I went to a cafe called “Cafe” with my friend.

It’s about a 3-minute walk from station, so it was easy to reach near the station.

The specialty of this cafe is the cafe latte! If you request, it seems that latte art will be done for free.
Each table also has an outlet, so it’s nice to be able to charge your smartphone. Free Wi-Fi is available. It’s a cafe that’s also suitable for doing something!

Business hours are from 9:00 to 19:00. The peak time is from 14:00 to 16:00, so those who want to enjoy the cafe quietly should avoid this time.

The content of “I went to a cafe” is the same, but you can see that the good example has more information.

  • Distance from the nearest station
  • Presence or absence of outlet
  • business hours
  • Peak time

It is a useful article for those who are actually going to the cafe because it describes .

The point is to write a blog with “what kind of information this user wants to know” in mind.

Be Aware of Attracting Customers From SEO

Be aware of attracting customers from SEO.

The simplest way to describe SEO is to put your blog at the top of your search . When you reach the top of the search, many people will be able to read the article.

If the number of accesses increases, you can naturally expect an increase in profits ! If you want to make money on your blog, be sure to be aware of SEO attracting customers.

Important Points of Attracting SEO Customers

Writing user-first articles

As I have said many times, it is important to be aware of the reader in SEO. Specifically, it’s a good idea to have the following mindset.

  • How can the user’s worries be solved?
  • What do people searching for this keyword want to know?
  • What kind of information would you like if you were a reader?

When you first started blogging, it is natural that the number of accesses is small . However, by being aware of user-first articles, you can expect them to be displayed at the top of the search.

Aware of Quality Rather Than Mass Production of Articles

Be more aware of quality than mass production of articles.

When searching the net,

  • I have to write 100 articles on my blog
  • Anyway, let’s update the article every day

There is information that. Therefore, let’s write an article anyway! There are also many beginner bloggers.

This information is not wrong. This is because writing more and more articles has the advantage of getting used to updating the blog .

However, it is NG to downplay the quality of articles ! No one can read thin content or information that is useless to the user. If you want to make money on your blog, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t read it.

Therefore, always be aware of the reader . Daily updates and 100 article updates are important, but more than that, the quality of the articles must be emphasized.

In addition, when updating the blog, we recommend the dual wield style of PC and smartphone ! If you use it well, you can make effective use of the gap time of 1 hour or more.

Write What You Have Experienced And What You Are Good At

In order to earn money on the miscellaneous blog, write down what you have experienced and what you are good at. This is because it is important to provide highly original information in order to display it at the top of the search.

The internet is full of articles. Depending on the keyword, tens of millions of sites will be hit. From such a huge number of articles, it is important to publish “unique to this blog” so that you can read your own articles .

What is effective for that is what you have experienced and what you are good at. Specifically, it has the following merits.

Benefits of Writing Experiences And What You are Good At

Testimonials: Can reflect word of mouth and real voice

What you are good at: You can increase the credibility of the article

It is possible to provide rich information by adding a realistic voice and increasing the credibility of the article .

Anything you have experienced is OK!

In particular,

  • Travel
  • shopping
  • Job hunting / change of job
  • Restaurant reviews

And so on. There is no problem with casual things in your daily life . It means that you don’t have to have a special experience to write a blog.

What I’m good at is just a hobby! For those who are working, it is also recommended to utilize the knowledge of work in blog material .

For Example

  • Hairdresser: Recommended shampoo
  • Engineer: How to learn programming
  • Sales: Tips for getting along with business partners
  • And so on.

There is also the advantage that it is easy to write articles if you have experienced or are good at it . It’s unlikely that you’ll be in trouble with the material.

Start a Blog With WordPress

If you want to set up a miscellaneous blog, WordPress is definitely recommended. Because it is suitable for making a profit .

Why WordPress is Easy to Make Money

  • No affiliate restrictions
  • You can put Google Adsense ads
  • Easy to take SEO measures

If you run a blog, you can also use a free blog or note. However, there are restrictions such as not being able to post affiliate URLs or Google Adsense ads .

Most of the bloggers who actually make money run on WordPress.

However, WordPress also has the following concerns.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • A usage fee will be charged
  • Difficult to customize
  • You need to get used to the operation

If you blog as a hobby, you can use a free blog. There is no charge, so it’s easy to get started.

But free blogs aren’t good for making money! If you really want to make money on your blog, WordPress is your best choice.

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