What is the Difference Between Blog and Vlog ?

Hello friends! In earlier times, there were very few options available to make a career. But over time, a lot of changes have been seen. In today’s time, many such careers are being made online. Two of them are quite famous, one is blogging and the other is vlogging.

Many of these people do not understand whether they should vlog vs blogging. In today’s post, we are going to tell you the difference between blogging and vlogging. We also tell you about Blogging and Vlogging which is the best?

Difference Between Blog and Vlog

In today’s post, we are going to know the difference between a blog and a vlog. If we talk about the difference between blog and vlog, then there is very little difference between them.

But sometimes one turns out to be much better than the other for one person. Let us know the difference between these two with different headings like what is a vlog and a blog, blog Vs vlog income, blog, and vlog platform, blog, and vlog Engagement, etc.

What is a Blog?

We start this post with a question what is a blog? A website on which many types of information are available, along with new information is published from time to time on that website. That is called a blog. The latest published post on a blog is shown above. A blog is also known by other names such as weblog, informational website, online journal, etc.

The information on the blog is placed in front of the user in written form. Multiple content writers can publish their views on the same topic on their blogs. A blog can be run by a single person or many people can run it together.

Types of Blog?

Well, there are many types of blogs. In other words, there can be countless types of blogs. But there are also some famous types of blogs. Let us tell you the types of blogs one by one.

  • Personal blog: A blog on which a person shares his/her personal information like daily routine, life events, etc.
  • Business blog: This type of blog is run by businesses or corporations. Information related to the product and services that the company makes is shared on the business blog.
  • Professional blog: This blog is managed by a professional. A professional creates his brand by sharing his information through blogs. He can earn money in many ways, such as by selling courses, selling services, selling products, providing consultancy services, etc.
  • News blog: This blog is run by a news agency. A lot of new posts are published on this type of blog because there is a lot of news in a day. News agency earns a lot of money from news blog.
  • Affiliate blog: In this type of blog, detailed information about the company’s product and service is given. Along with this, this blog is made in such a way that the user can buy the mentioned product and service. The owner of an affiliate blog earns money when the user buys the product and service from his affiliate link.
  • Review blog: This is a special type of blog. Reviews of any product and service are written in this blog.

What is Vlog?

Vlog is made up of two different worlds, “video blog” or “video log”. Quite often it seems that a vlog is created by adding V and log off “video log”.

Vlogging is quite new as compared to blogging, especially in India. Various types of information are also shared through vlogs. A vlog is also used for entertainment.

In this, information is shared by making videos. The video includes voice, text, infographics, etc. Most of the vlog work is done by one person. The special thing about vlogs is that many people start recognizing the person who doing vlogging. In other words, the person doing vlogging becomes a famous person.

Difference Between Blog and Vlog

Types of Vlogs?

Let us now tell you some famous types of vlogs as well. It’s something like this:

  • Daily/life Vlogs: In this vlog, a person shares his daily routine by making a video. He shares whatever is fun in his life.
  • Review/Unboxing Vlogs: This vlog is very famous in the internet world. In today’s time, users/customers watch review Vlog before buying any product.
  • Comedy Vlogs: Not everyone can make this vlog. In this, a video is made by using comedy content. The purpose of Comedy Vlogs is to entertain people.
  • Game Vlogs: The game is very much liked by the youth. For this reason, game vlogs are becoming very popular. In this type of vlog, a funny voice is also needed along with the game.
  • Education Vlogs: These types of vlogs have educational content. If the level of education is different, then the level of this Education Vlogs is also different. Basic Education Vlogs become famous in very little time.

Blog and Vlog Platform

Let us now tell you such platforms on which you can create a blog or do vlogging. In simple words, we are going to tell you the platform of Blog and Vlog.

There are some special platforms for blogs like WordPress, Blogger.com, Wix, Tumblr, etc. The best and most powerful platform is WordPress for the blog.

The platforms of the vlog are named like this, Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. The best and most powerful platform is Youtube for Vlog.

Blog and Vlog Engagement

Let us now talk about how much the engagement of Blog and Vlog is. By the way, the view on both the blog and vlog is quite good. But when it comes to Engagement, Vlog has a little more than the Engagement blog.

Especially in a country like India, vlog engagement is high because the internet is available here at a very low cost. In other countries, the engagement of the blog is more the vlog.

Blog Vs Vlog Income

Whether it is a blog or a vlog, the purpose of starting anyone is to earn money online. Whoever starts any of these two, then will want to know how much money can be earned in it.

There is no limit to earning money in both vlogs and blogs, you can earn as much money as you want. There is also a lot of options for making money in both.

Let us tell you that more money can be earned from blogs than vlogs. This is because blogs can be scaled with the help of others’ skills. The same vlog cannot be scaled much with the help of another.

How to Become a Blogger

Let us now tell you how to become a blogger. To become a blogger, first of all, you have to learn the art of researching any topic, after that, you have to learn to write on the subject. These two skills should be within the blogger.

After this, you have to choose the platform for the blog. WordPress is the best platform for blogging. After that, you have to publish content and do SEO. Slowly you will start showing improvement. In this way, you can become a blogger.

How to Become a Vlogger

To become a Vlogger, you have to first learn to speak. Along with this, you also learn video editing. Both these skills can make you a Vlogger.

Now you have to choose a platform for vlogging. You can choose YouTube for vlogging. After this, you have to make a video and upload it to your channel. In this way, you will become a Vlogger.

Blogging and Vlogging which is the best?

Anyone can easily tell the difference between a Blog and Vlog. But it is very difficult to tell which is best blogging or vlogging. Don’t worry, we will tell you which one is better.

If you do not want to bring your face in front of people and you are not able to speak well then blogging is for you. If you do not like writing, but you like teaching and speaking to others, then you can go vlogging.


So friends, in today’s post, we told you Difference Between Blog and Vlog or blogger vs blogger. We learned how to become a blogger and how to become vlogger. Along with this we also learned the difference between a blog and a vlog. If you are thinking about becoming anyone blogger or vlogger, you can also tell us by commenting.

How did you like this post of ours, you can also tell us by commenting. Thank you for reading this post carefully.

FAQ- The Difference Between Vlog and Blog

What’s the difference between a vlog and a blog?

A vlog is a video blog. A blog is a website with text and pictures

How do I get started vlog?

You can start a vlog by using an online video camera.

How do I create a blog?

You can use Word Press or Blogger.

What is the best thing about a blog?

The best thing about a blog is that it’s private. You can share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with only your friends and family.

What is the best thing about a vlog?

The best thing about a vlog is that it’s public. You can share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with anyone who has access to the Internet.

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