How to Download BitLocker for Windows 10

How to Download Bitlocker for Windows 10, When you need to download Bitlocker, you’re looking to encrypt the whole hard drive of your computer or device. With Bitlocker, not only do you get a higher level of security than what’s provided by regular encryption, but you can also create more manageable passwords as well as create secure recovery keys that can be used to access your data in case you ever lose your password and forget it completely.

Go To The Microsoft Website

Microsoft makes its products and services available on several different platforms. If you’re looking for instructions on downloading BitLocker for windows, it’s easy enough to find them. Just head over to Microsoft’s website, then use your favorite search engine if you need more information.

You’ll quickly come across more than enough sites with step-by-step instructions and videos that walk you through every aspect of installing BitLocker on your device.

Whether you need some extra help or prefer a little guidance in performing a task such as downloading BitLocker, there are plenty of options out there; simply typing download BitLocker into Google provides dozens of relevant results that all seem legitimate! Learn how to download BitLocker by consulting an expert if necessary.

Choose Your Version Of Windows

Your version of Windows determines which encryption tool you’ll need. Most versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10 have a built-in utility that can be used to encrypt your hard drive; Windows XP (and some versions of Vista) do not.

Suppose you’re using an older version of Microsoft’s operating system. You may want to consider using a third-party tool like TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt because these tools aren’t integrated into your OS and require additional software.

They are more vulnerable if your computer is attacked—however, they also provide far more encryption options than built-in tools.

Click the Get the App Button.

You’ll find the Get apps from the Microsoft Store link at the bottom of the Microsoft Edge browser, click on it, and you will get several links. One of them is Download BitLocker for windows 10′′, and you need to click on that. It will automatically redirect you to the bit locker download page in-store, where you can get your app easily. Please go through the following steps

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Search for Download BitLocker for windows 10
  • Click on the first result, Download BitLocker for windows 10
  • Click Add to my library
  • Click Free
  • Once you click on the Free button, a download button will appear next to it
  • Click the download button
  • After downloading complete, click open
  • Now you have successfully downloaded BitLocker for windows
  • By following the above-given step-by-step guide, you can download BitLocker for windows 10 easily without any issues.

I hope it was helpful.

Let us know if there are any questions regarding the method mentioned above or if there are any doubts regarding downloading BitLocker for windows 10 or other software-related queries in the comments section below. We will try our best to help you out as soon as possible.

Click Run

This is a default option on every version of Microsoft’s download page. If you accidentally click Save instead, you may download your program in a .zip format that won’t run until you first uncompress it. It’s easy to get confused and click Run by accident, so be extra careful if you’re downloading something from Microsoft.

By default, your Downloads folder tends to keep all your downloads there, which could be convenient or dangerous depending on what kinds of files are there!

To avoid danger or clutter, try setting up a specific folder for all downloads or using an app like Drop Zone, which makes sure downloads always go where they’re supposed to. Either way, make sure to double-check before clicking anything!

There’s no one perfect password: Strong passwords aren’t necessarily complicated passwords – they need to have enough randomness and complexity to them that even a computer can’t guess them.

Some passwords can take years for computers to crack while others can take just seconds and making them long doesn’t mean much when they don’t use symbols or numbers.

The most important thing about choosing a password is making sure it’s not something easily guessed. For best practice use Non-Alphanumeric Characters for a strong password.

Common words or phrases (like password123) are terrible choices because they’ll probably appear on any word list used by attackers trying different combinations of words until they find one that works.

Click Install button

Now that you’ve installed/turned on BitLocker, click on Start > Control Panel > System and Security. When the System Properties window pops up, under Tasks, select Turn On BitLocker; this will open a new window where you can select how you want to unlock your drive.

Your choices are: Use a password, smart card, or a USB device (recommended). You can also set it up for those who have external hard drives so that your USB port will unlock it when connected.


If you use a more complicated computer operating system, like Mac OS X or Linux, you may need to download other applications. The specific software will depend on your operating system and computer model but should be relatively simple to find via a search engine. If you’re having trouble finding what you need online, contact support at your tech company of choice. Once your software is downloaded and installed, open it up and follow its instructions. You may have to reboot your computer after finishing one of these processes for things to start working properly; be sure to back up all of your files first! And now that everything is set up on your device. Good luck!

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