What is Dreamscreen 4k Review [Latest]

DreamScreen, a small Florida company, believes it has beaten Philips. Solution: A smart, colour-changing light strip that runs around your TV and an HDMI pass-through box.


Connect all your streaming devices, cable boxes, and game consoles, then connect the box to your TV. DreamScreen reads all incoming audio / video signals of what you are watching and matches the lights accordingly.

Basically, there is no perceptible delay or full control through the DreamScreen app. Starter kits come in a variety of sizes, starting at around $ 250.

The system worked as promised when I tested, but the colours during video sync were surprisingly subtle and not much sharper than when running lights in ambient or audio sync mode. did.

The shades of blue and green also seem to overwhelm everything else, with red, orange, yellow, and purple often drowning almost completely.

In addition, the sticky lining of the LED strips didn’t adhere well to the backside of the TV texture, so it had to be taped when it started to fall off a few days later.

None of these issues prevents you from trading, but if you’re spending hundreds of dollars, they’re all notable flaws.

I’m still interested in DreamScreen’s approach and love the ability to use lights on my Xbox or PlayStation.

This is something that Philips Hue’s video sync feature can’t do yet. I also like the DreamScreen lights covering both sides of the TV, with lighting changes in positions not available from Hue.

But unless you want to get real-time colour changes behind the TV (and tolerate an incomplete experience), you say wait for improvement or wait for sales.

DreamScreen creates an immersive home theater experience with colored LED lighting that reacts behind your TV. Works with any HDMI TV!

Designed to fit TVs of all sizes and work with any HDMI source!

DreamScreen’s smart LED lights respond to screen colour pixels at 60 f/s. The effect is incredible, enlarging the TV, softening the images and making your favourite TVs, games and movies bigger and better.

DreamScreen’s HD & 4K are Packed with New Features:

  • 3 HDMI Video Inputs – Toggle through all of your favourite sources with ease
  • Audio Jack Input – Hook up your sound system to get the most of our 4 Audio Visualizers
  • Micro-USB Input – Power Detect Feature to allow background lights to sync with television power
  • LED Options – Classic 32” – 45” TVs | Mega 45” – 65” TVs | Xtreme 65” – 80” TVs | FLEX – Up to 70” | Hook up 2 FLEXes – Up to 130”

Now DreamScreen’s with 5 Options For LEDs!

What is Dreamscreen 4k Review
from kickstart

DreamScreen New Improve Wifi !

  • WiFi-based Android and iOS app eliminates range concerns associated with Bluetooth
  • Easily toggle through the Different Modes: Video | Music | Ambient Lighting
  • Name & Group your DreamScreens, Video Sources and SideKick
  • Customizable Features: Saturation Control, Adjust Brightness, Zone Control & Zone Brightness Adjustment, Widescreen Detection, CEC Passthrough & Switching, Adjust Fade Rate, Minimum Luminosity, Frame Delay, ColorBoost Settings, Latency Control
  • Auto-Off Function Settings via Timer, CEC or USB Power Detect 

The new WiFi app will be live streamed on the iOS and Google Play stores. The demo feature is enabled, so download it to see what you’re working on. Please note that this app controls all new WiFi based DreamScreen products.

Dreamscreen Enjoy All 3 Mode

Video Mode

The backlight is derived from the content on the TV screen. Bring your favorite movie, TV show, or video game to the backdrop and create a home theater experience like no other.

With a 3x faster processor, the new DreamScreen offers many new features and controls in video mode. Scroll down to see more videos!

In video mode, DreamScreen analyzes the HDMI screen content at up to 60 fps and sends the corresponding information to the LEDs located behind the TV.

This expands the size and experience of watching TV. See below for a comparison video.

Music Mode

Connect DreamScreen to music and use one of four audio visualizers to watch responsive lighting dances to your favorite beats.

With the new audio jack feature, anyone can connect a sound system, soundbar, or TV (TOSlink) and enjoy all the effects of DreamScreen’s music mode.

DreamScreen uses digital signal processing to identify the frequency and amplitude of an audio stream.

Ambient Mode

Set the mood of your home or venue with an array of ambient light colors.

You have full control over the colour and brightness of the Dream Screen app via Wi-Fi. Set your personal ambient tone on your TV and enjoy.

The app’s colour wheel makes it easy to choose from a variety of colours. The app’s zone feature allows you to select the lit side of your TV.

Pros & Con.

The Good DreamScreen works as promised and provides real-time multicolour effects on the back wall of your TV. The HDMI pass-through box that powers it means that almost any streamer, cable box, or game console can use the light virtually without delay.

The Bad video sync mode colours, especially warm tones like red and yellow, were too subdued. The glue that fixed the light to the back of the TV didn’t work, so I had to tape the light.

DreamScreen allows you to control zone controls to turn LEDs on and off on different sides of your TV. The new hub also allows you to control the brightness of each zone individually. This can be used if the TV is at an angle or tilt to the wall. It is also convenient for the TV in the corner.

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