A legitimate and effective way to Earn Money Online by Mobile

A legitimate and effective way to Earn Money Online by Mobile – Do you want to earn money online by doing some work from your mobile at home, then we will know here in How to Make Money Online from Home. If you have an android phone.

How to make money online by Mobile

To earn money from a mobile or to say that it is not necessary for How to earn money online by mobile from google to be very well educated, if you are 10th, then you can earn millions of rupees by working on your mobile or computer-like people. Huh.

How to earn money from mobile and how to earn money online by mobile from google. I have divided it into two categories, one where you will be able to earn few rupees by installing some applications and earn only two to four rupees and from where you will be able to earn millions of rupees and for a long time Will be able to earn.

Earn Money Online by Mobile

We will choose long-term work here where you will have to work hard in the beginning, but later on, this work will be done for you for a lifetime, you will continue to earn long and good money in these ways.

We will not tell you any inaugural work here but will tell you the work which will be valid and you will be able to earn a name with money here.

So we are telling you some way to earn money online, and we have been doing this work ourselves for years.

#1. Hindi Blogging (How to make money from blogging)

Even if you are not very educated, you can earn lakhs of rupees by blogging Hindi. Millions of people are earning. I also do Hindi blogging, even if you are an eighth pass, you can do Hindi blogging very easily.

In order to earn money from blogging, in any field you have a lot of information, you write an article on that subject and publish it on your blog.

When you start blogging, you put 15 to 20 articles on your blog, then apply Google Adsense to your site and when Google Adsense gives approval to your site, then your same article Adsense ads appear in between.

Then through the same ad, you earn, and this earning goes on for long years, if you are blogging properly, then this earning can also be for a life time.

What is blogging

Blogging means that you create a blog of your own, then you have a good amount of information on your blog in any field, you write that information as an article and then publish it on your blog.

Now on any topic, you have written an article on your blog, someone searches google on that subject, then your blog is visible to him, he clicks on it, then your written article becomes open then he reads the information by reading your article Receives.

Then in the middle of the same article, people see Google Adsense ad and you earn from that ad, here is a guide for how Google Adsense ad will come in your article.

How to blogging

We have two popular platforms for blogging, the first is Blogger, and the second is WordPress. You can either create a blog on blogger for free or you can make a blog on WordPress by spending a little money.

Now you might be thinking whether to make a free blog on Blogger or spend money on a blog on WordPress and which will be better in both, then here is a guide for this.

You have to create a blog on Blogger or on WordPress, you have to buy the domain name in both cases and it is available on sites like Go Daddy or Bigrock for between Rs 400 to Rs 800 for 1 year.

You can blog from your mobile or computer, do not fall for cheap while buying a domain, rather buy a domain from the trusted website.

If you are creating a blog on WordPress, then get hosting from companies like site ground, Bluehost, Hostgator for hosting.

#2. YouTube (How to earn money from mobile)

YouTube number comes after blogging, you can earn as much money as YouTuber by earning as much money as you can by blogging.

What is YouTube (How to earn money from mobile)

YouTube is a video platform where you can earn money online by mobile to uploading videos. Just as you had written an article on your blog in blogging, you can make videos on YouTube on any subject and put it.

You can make a video on any subject in which you have a lot of knowledge, for example, your video was created “How to create a new email account”, then you will tell people to create a new email account in that video.

When you upload a video you created on YouTube, the person who has to create a new email will search this keyword on YouTube and your video will appear in front of him.

So he will click and watch it and the minute he watches your video, the more minutes will be added to your YouTube account as watch time.

How to get money from Youtube

According to YouTube’s criterion, the last one year on your channel should have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, after that your channel will be monetized and then your ads will start coming from Google Adsense and you get paid for the same ad Will do.

Creating a channel on YouTube is free, there is no money, but you must have mobile to shoot videos and a tripod to fit the mobile.

If you create a video on YouTube in the right way and explain the information well, whoever is watching your video is getting the information given by you, then, later on, you can earn millions of rupees from YouTube and long You can earn from here till time.

Like blogging, it is not necessary for YouTube channels that you have a laptop or computer, you can easily run the YouTube channel even from your mobile, millions of people are running and if the computer is there then it will work even better.

How to earn money from Tiktok

After YouTube, Tik Tok’s number comes to make money online. Tiktok is a Short Video Platform, that is, you can upload a short 30-second video here.

Millions of people are earning lakhs of rupees from Tiktok too, but to earn money online by mobile here, first, you have to work hard for a few days when you start becoming popular on this platform, that means your followers will be very much here, then you will be from here Will start earning.

Many brands give popular Tiktok Creator to promote their product, in which they get a lot of money.

For this, you tell about the products of those companies in your video and then as more and more likes come on that video then those companies give you money accordingly.

Apart from this, there are many ways to earn money online by mobile from Tick Talk but the condition is that you are popular on Tick Talk and your followers are in thousands or millions.

#3. How to earn money from Facebook

Just like you earn money online by mobile to uploading and monetizing videos by channeling them on YouTube, in the same way, you can earn money by uploading videos and monetizing it by creating a Facebook page on your Facebook profile.

The way in which YouTube’s criteria is 4000 hours watch time and 1000 hours subscribers for video monetization is also on Facebook in the same manner but Facebook’s criterion is a bit more difficult here.

Videos uploaded by you on Facebook should be at least 3 minutes or more and videos uploaded on here should have 30000 views in the last 60 days and 10000 followers in the last 60 days for video monetization.

30000 views on Facebook means a view will be counted only when someone clicks over your video and watches for at least 1 minute. If they watch less than 1 minute and get back then that view will not be counted.

So in this way, it seems a bit harder to fulfill Facebook’s criterion than YouTube but if you have millions of followers on your Facebook page then it is not a difficult task.

How to enable Facebook Video Monetization

To check whether your Facebook page is eligible for video monetization, click this link, creator tools in-stream ads.

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