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Event Blogging Case Study – Are you searching for What is Event Blogging then you’re at the ideal article here I will share with you About the Event Blogging it’s possible to read About the Event Blogging Case Study?

There are many types of blogging within the Online World, but the most consistent type of blogging is Event Blogging. Event Blogging pertains to composing a blog on a particular event and at a customized time period.

In the event blogging case study for the year, I would advise that you couple things. Basically, If I describe Event Blogging word in brief words, I’d like to say that covering your website/blog for a specific day and ranking higher in the search engines, It can be (New Year/Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day) or something different.

The event blogging technique today becomes most popular among all the bloggers and SEO experts.

What is Event Blogging?

There’s a Great Deal of Difference between Normal and event blogging. Event Blogging means blogs that can be created for a certain period for specific events As an example, a site about Diwali starts to become searched a week before Diwali no one searches it following the festival ends.

As we all know, Google Adsense is an excellent option to earn money Out of blogging. Google Adsense is just important in Event Blogging and people earn money from it. In event blogging, you have to start work about 3 months before the occasion.

In that, you face the greatest challenge to position your own website. If you position your website in the second or third number at Google, then you’re able to withdraw a good amount from this Specific event.

Selecting Event Blogging Niche

So how do I find a niche for the event blog?

Locating an event for your event blog isn’t so challenging.

And you may also blog on any of these events to make tens of thousands of dollars (Yes, I know, Indian markets aren’t so appealing when it comes to earning money by event blogging, but still you can make good money from these ).

event blogging case study

However, how to locate event blogging markets? And how will I know I am blogging on the right market?

Finding a niche for event blogging is simple. You simply have to focus on forthcoming holidays, events, festivals, special days, etc.

You can also use online services like TimeAndDate.com to come across all sorts of events specific to your country. This is the website; I used a great deal to find upcoming niche tips for my event blogging.

As soon as you discover the particular market for event blogging, I recommend you to check Google Trends and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to learn more about that particular niche.

Here I’m also sharing a few niches, which can be rewarding and help you to make thousands of dollars easily:

  • Exam Results (Like CBSE Result)
  • New Year
  • Black Friday
  • Olympics
  • IPL
  • Elections
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Diwali
  • Holi
  • Eid
  • Upcoming Movies

and a lot more.

Keyword Search for Event Blogging

A keyword analysis is one of the most critical things for every form of website that you are going to place with SEO in my personal opinion.

If you are not a keyword analysis authority and don’t care about it, then you may miss a lot of traffic and if you have keyword research experience and you have thoughts about choosing the correct collection of keywords, after gathering those keywords, your 70 percent activity will be done.

Keyword Research is a very important task of Event Blogging, without it is very difficult to have success in the field of blogging, if you have a budget then you can use Paid Tools like Semrush and Ahref because in these tools you will get many features. In which you can do your work easily.

If you don’t have a budget and you would like to perform Keyword Research at no cost, then with this we’ve given you three tools with the support of these tools you can do keyword research.

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest

There are a number of alternatives to Google’s keyword planner software. KeywordsSpy is often a superior analysis keyword tool. Using the KeywordsSpy trial for 30 days. No need for a credit card to sign up for the trial.

After choosing the right keyword analysis tool, start creating a list of keywords that you want to put in an excel sheet or regular notepad file for that particular event (Your wish).

Fast Checklist Keyword Stuffing (to put keywords in the right place):

  • Using the keywords in the blog post title.
  • Using the keywords in the first line of the blog post (Yes, it does still matter).
  • Using keywords in subheadings such as H3, H4 tags.
  • Use the keywords in Meta Definition (don’t leave it bare, take complete advantage of it).
  • Using keywords to post alt tag photos to blogs.

Event Blogging Script

The most common technique used in Event Blogging is the Wishing Script. A wish script is helpful as it will quickly become viral and people post it at the time of the case. People make $600-$1300 on the day of the case for these viral scripts.

When Should We Start an Event Blog?

When you’ve been thinking about blogging an event, then the first step is to choose the Upcoming Event, then after this, you have to choose the most famous event on the Internet so that you can get more traffic and make more money.

Ranking Staitrgy

After finishing keyword analysis, I wrote content and wrote full-length articles that had a minimum length of 1000 words per article and used SEO optimization strategies that I learned during my internship, used proper keywords, proper meta descriptions, tags, and optimized photos for the best possible placements.

After publishing 20+ posts on my blog, I began SEO off-page using a variety of techniques. After a few days of work, my website began ranking on Google’s 3rd and 4th sites.

I did 90+ articles on my blog at the end of October, and almost every essay was ranked on Google 1st, 2nd list.

Content on Event Blogging

Now you have to write high-quality event-related posts, write long and unique content by targeting your Main Keyword, do this job 30-40 days before the event, write at least 1500-2000 words in each post with proper SEO so that you can quickly get Google Adsense as well.

Backlinks are an off-page SEO techniques if you make good quality backlinks the chances are more ranking, backlinks finish half the job of the event, with no backlinks to rank.

For the Backlink method, you can make backlinks every day or even in a single day, but make sure they index naturally, otherwise it would be called spam.

You should search Google for back-links.

Social Signal for Event Blogging

Get a social signal every day, or you can buy a social signal from Fiverr. Google plus voting is really relevant for blogging activities. Besides google plus, you will get a social signal from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Personally, I’m using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as a social signal.

How To Earn From Event Blogging And How Much

People also ask a common question about the monetization of the Event Site, i.e., do we get permission from Google AdSense on our blog or script?

The response is yes, you will get your approval from AdSense. The case blog monetization process is the same as with other sites. You will monetize this with Google AdSense or some other ad site.

You can also add paying banners to your blog from other sites. It’s also very difficult to get AdSense clearance but you can easily switch to other ad networks like Propeller Ads or Pop Ads etc. that can be a great AdSense alternative.

So this is a lovely article that I share with you about my experience of working on a Diwali blogging event and making $$$ digit in my AdSense, if this article is beneficial for you, then share it with social media.


Hope you liked our post on the Event Blogging Case Study of event blogging, along with this, if you want to earn cash and have a decent idea of blogging, then launch your blog today.

Failure happens to everybody, but you can still try something different and never make the same mistake.

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