100% Free Software Download Sites in 2023

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Every Windows user wants Free Software Download Sites to download software online for free. The various website provides software free of cost with freeware and piracy. I will provide you with Free Software Download Sites to download safely.

This chapter is, for you, about how you can download and install paid software legally for free with full customer support.

Various computer users use the software in the crack version, but I would advise you to download clean software legally.

Here are five types of software you can use to download and use paid software for free.

The First Website is Techno360

The Techno360 provides full software for free. It is among the stable download sites and provides Windows and Mac software. Typically, the website offers a single-user license for the app for up to a year.


Best Part

  • Techno360 offers Freebies, Giveaways, Deals, Security tools and Tech News.
  • This website categorised based on Android, Windows, Search.
  • Techno360.in provides an active and engaging article and reviews on the latest technology trends and topics.

The Second Website is FileHippo

There is free software download sites. Since 2004 on the web and Alexa-ranked at 625, FileHippo is solid. They hand-pick the program and search it for malware and viruses, FileHippo reports. They still don’t want apps or browser toolbars that bundle other software into it. Currently, FileHippo has over 40,000 listed software versions.

Free Software Download Sites

Best Part

  • You can download your essential computer software by the help of Filehippo.
  • Perfect software for your computer or laptop.
  • Filehippo is the most popular software download site more then million download per month.

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The Third Website is Microsoft Store

There is also free software download sites on the web. The Microsoft Store has a lot of decent freeware, partly a website and partly an app that’s actually already on your machine. Being Microsoft, you already have a name and you like to believe they’re hosting secure software.

Free Software Download Sites
Microsoft Store

Some of them come from the big names you know already, including Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft, of course. Some are created by smaller production teams, but they can be very beneficial. Apps are not all secure. There are thousands of them, and finding them is quick. Only a ‘free’ quest.

Best Part

  • Microsoft Store offers customers access to a wide range of Software, Games, and Entertainmant option.
  • Customer easily find what they are looking for from the Microsoft Store.
  • Most of the time Microsoft Store relese offers discount and deals on its produts for customer.

The Fourth Website is File Horse

There is free software download sites. It’s hard to tell them apart when it comes to free software distribution pages. The same thing they all do. Both of them offer downloads. What could set File Horse apart is that repositories of previous versions of the program are still stored.


So you may uninstall the older version here and roll it back if an upgrade to your favorite software causes an unwelcome adjustment. A list of free cloud applications is also created by File Horse.

Best Part

  • The fast and safe software downloads offered by FileHorse.com make it simple to pick the best programme for your requirements.
  • Find out the latest inforamtion on software and bug fixes.
  • Secure download with fast speed.

The Fifth is Cnet Download

That is also free software download sites. No introduction to the category of app downloads is required for Cnet Download or Download.com. It’s the first website that comes to mind if you’re searching for free apps to download.

Cnet Download

It is a software download web directory that provides you with a complete list of all forms of software and is also one of the oldest of its kind.

It features over 100,000 downloads of free software, shareware and try-first. The downloads are generally tested and checked by the editors and the publisher offers a description of the program.

You can also write reviews and rate the product if you are a registered customer.

Best Part

  • There are several categories software available for free and paid.
  • It provide virus free software that download safe and secure.
  • Download.cnet.com provides advanced search features to help users find the software they need quickly and easily.

The Sixth is Software Informer

In the league, Tech Informer is a fairly new website that has a decent amount of software to satisfy your download requirements.

Software Informer

While it is not as large as the other software download sites, it is ranked among the most trusted free software download sites with the best standard of software that they provide and because of the frequent updates.

In fact, it is incredibly secure to download apps from Tech Informer as it performs a search of the file for any viruses prior to installing and only allows those that are clean.

Best Part

  • Software Informer provides comprehensive software reviews, ratings and recommendations to help users choose the best software.
  • Software Informer’s user-friendly interface makes navigating easy and quickly find the software you need.
  • Its editors provide expert advice and helpful tips to help users get the most out of their software.


We listed the best download pages for apps that we use regularly or once in a while. There are different preferences for different people, so I’m sure this list will help you find the right site that fits your interests. If we have skipped some websites, please do let us know in the comments section below.

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FAQ – Free Software Download Sites

How Can I Download Software for Free?

You can download software for free from various websites that offer freeware and piracy. I will provide you with a list of Free Software Download Sites to download safely.

Is it Safe to Download Software from Free Software Download Sites?

Yes, it is safe to download software from Free Software Download Sites. I will provide you with the link to the websites where you can download software for free. The websites are safe and secure and will not harm your computer.

Is it Legal to Download Software from these Websites?

Yes, it is legal to download software from these websites. The various website provides software free of cost with freeware and piracy. I will provide you with Free Software Download Sites to download safely.