How to Accept Google News Approval Fast

Hello Viewers, Today I’ll explain How to accept Google News Approval, First, we discuss getting Google News approval, what will it mean for you? Your indexing issue will be resolved if you accept Google News approval.

Many individuals submit articles here; however, their article index is sometimes gone for 2 or 3 days. However, if you use Google News Approval in this case, it is immediately indexed as soon as you publish an article. In other words, Google updates the news that is refreshed. So Your index issue will be solve and get huge traffic from Google News Publisher.

If you work regularly, you will always give three to four posts on your site and get a lot of traffic. So let’s see how you will take the approval of Google News.

Add site to Google Publisher

First, you must write Google News Publishers Center at the Google Search Bar and open the first page. And as soon as this opens, you will see you’re welcome to the news publisher center and click a Got It button on It.

Now you have to click on + Add Publication on the left side. If you click on Ad Publication, the publication center popup box appear.

google news approval

Here you have to fill your Publication Name, Primary Website Property, Location. After Filled click on Add Publication button.

After Add Publication it look like this.

Google News Publication Setting

Now you have to click on the publication setting. Now you will click on it. Some data will be your automatic filed up. Now you have to fill in some other data.

  • Name of your publication
  • Website Language
  • Select the Location of your publication (Like India US)
  • Primary website property URL (Type the exact URL used in your Google Search Console)
  • Verify your website property URL (it will automatically verify if you submit the URL on Google Search Console with the same email Id)
  • Add your Email Address used in your website.

The Google News will send link for verify for conformation. Now click on Save button on the right top button.

Set Google Publisher Logo

Now you received 2 email from Google News and verify it. Now go to next step.

Now this time to Add your website Logo. The Google News Publisher ask for three types of logo Square logo, Rectangular Logo, and Dark Theme rectangular logo.

Now back to your publication, Click on it and start Google News. You will click on the edit button.

  • Give the basic information of your site.
  • Choose Your Category
  • Distribution Country ( World Wide)
  • Google Properties (Allow all property)
  • Now click on the Next button.

Now you have to add to the section new section here. You have to click on the new section and select the feed.

As soon as you select the feed, you have to give your feed’s title here. If you use WordPress you write RSS in front of the URL of your site. You must come to the publisher center and paste it. View access option to choose Anyone. Then click on Add button.

Now the Access Group no need to fill.

Now Review you publication to click on review button. Fill the all informative information in this form. Like Name, Contact Email, Author Name, Organization, Accept term and condition then press submit button.

Click on the public button. You can see it after the publication. It will take two to four weeks and go into review. Your consecration contacts and one more thing are to be added.

Now back to your publication page and fill the content label option. Click on it and choose your label, If you have your blog, if you run a news site, you do the press release, then you can select them all. Butt is a blog in my case, I will set a blog and update.

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