How to Convert Image to Excel | Very Easy

Today Topic is How to Convert Image to Excel, with some application we can easily convert Image to Excel in a little time.

It may take 20-25 minutes or even half an hour for you to do at least or even more if the paper goes then it will take more time than that.

I am going to tell two methods. Best. You can use both the methods.

Convert Image to Excel using Android App.

So first of all you have to do this, you have to go to play store and here on play store you will see an app named excel.

Now you have to install this app on your phone and open it from here. You have to tap on the plus sign. Here you will see a blank document. Open it.

Well in this way you will see this blank cell here, but you have to tap here like you would tap on any cell. So in the lower part you will see some of these options. Out of this, which option is there, you have to click on it.

As you click, here the camera will come in front of you, what do you have to do? You have to take a photo of your document. Here I have taken a photo of the document and here you will see some of these notes.

This is nothing, what you have to do here, you will get the option of Continue below, here you have to click. As you continue, it will start converting the data into tables. See that your data has been converted into a table.

Now you can send your data anywhere from your computer.

Find the Details on our YouTube Video

The Second Method.

Now let’s understand the other way, There is another way to do this and that way is that if there is any such scanner in your office or home, then just put this simple one page in this scanner.

After scanning, take it in the computer and then I am going to tell you another very powerful way, how can you extract data from this through OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

You can convert this image to tax. Let’s have a quick look so here you can see that I have open one of my scanner here and in how much time I will convert this file.

  • Scan your image document from your scanner and save it in your computer.
  • Open MS Word and insert image in to the page.
  • Save it as PDF Format.
  • And then close MS Word.

Now Open MS Word

  • Now Open MS Word.
  • Go to File and Open Browser folder Open PDF File in MS Word.
  • It will ask us to convert PDF to add table word document.
  • It will take some time.

Now it is very easy to take it, so just copy it from here and paste in your excel worksheet.

Find the full process in the YouTube Video

I hope you are understand the process of convert image to excel in a simple way. So if any doubt and query then let me know in the comment below.

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