How to Improve Typing Accuracy and Speed | 5 Easy Technique

Improving typing speed is essential to improving programmer productivity. So this time, I will introduce tips and practice methods to increase typing speed.

Even if you’re able to write the program accurately, there are a lot of men and women that are not confident in typing speed.

In programming, improving typing speed can also improve productivity.

How to Improve Typing Accuracy

Typing is fast = work is not always fast, but it’s still better to type fast. In particular, since the centre of content creation is text, a certain amount of speed is naturally required to save time. Also, sometimes I can’t keep up with typing and forget some of the content, even though I have a lot of ideas.

Three Things That Programmers with Fast Typing have in Common

To be able to improve typing, it is important not only to have the hang of it, but also to be aware of the usual points of developers that are fast to type, so let us hold down the next three factors.

By knowing what people with fast typing have in common, you can recognize where you need to improve.

1. Practicing Blind Touch

With blind touch, you can work while looking at the display without looking at the computer keyboard, which makes typing speed overwhelmingly faster.

In addition, you can enter characters while taking a look at the display, so you can instantly notice typos and conversion mistakes.

In this way, when you practice blind touch, typing becomes overwhelmingly faster, and work efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Always Put Your Finger In The Home Position And Use All Your Fingers

Source- Computer Hope

By placing your finger at the home position and pressing the key correctly with the specified finger, you can type quickly without unnecessary movement.

On the other hand, if you hit on the key correctly with the wrong finger, you may make unnecessary movements, which will slow down typing.

By typing with the correct finger in the home position, you can type most efficiently and quickly.

3. Has Both Precision and Politeness

By typing accurately and carefully, you can prevent careless mistakes, therefore typing speed will probably be faster and work efficiency will be greatly improved.

On the other hand, the longer you type, the more careless mistakes you make, which leads to reduced work efficiency.

Therefore, accuracy and politeness are important for typing.

5 Tips to Practice to Speed Up Typing

Below are five tips you should make an effort and speed up typing.

Let’s try typing with the knack in mind, bearing in mind the commonalities of programmers that are quick to type.

1. Get used to the Keyboard and Remember the Exact Position of Letters

Accurately remembering the position of letters is the basis for faster typing.

It is hard to visually memorize the position of letters, so remember them together with your fingers.

Therefore, we recommend that you practice touch typing. By looking only at the screen and continuing typing with the correct finger, the finger will naturally remember the position of the character.

However, it is difficult to do blind touch typing from the beginning, so set a time and practice, such as “1 hour a day”.

2. Maintain the Rhythm and Hit

Typing with a constant rhythm eliminates irregular speed and allows you to form a feeling of stability.

On the flip side, if you type intermittently, the speed will slow down and mistakes increase readily.

So, it’s okay to be slow at first, so type with your own rhythm.

3. Be Conscious of Hitting Without Rushing

If you type properly, you will make many mistakes and the typing speed will decrease, so be aware that you should be careful and don’t panic.

If you can hit the keys carefully many times, you will be able to hit the keys naturally and quickly without any mistakes.

4. Focus on Improving Words that are Easy to Make Mistakes

Identify words that are prone to mistakes and words that are difficult to type, and intentionally slow down when entering those words.

By consciously slowing down and repeatedly hitting the word you are not good at, you will be able to firmly learn how to use your finger to hit that word.

And as you get used to it, you will be able to hit words that you are not good at quickly.

5. Set a Speed Goal Such as “10 Characters Per Second”

Decide on a target such as “10 characters per second” according to typing speed and kind.

It’s recommended to set it low at first and then put it gradually higher since it will lead to continuing motivation and accomplishment of goals.

It’s also recommended to set goals by referring to this test index of the”Business Keyboard Certification Exam” conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In this evaluation, the input speed of 900 characters in Japanese for 10 minutes and 5 figures for approximately 1 minute is recognized as the highest rank.

Typing games that use programming languages ​​is also suggested.

You will find typing games which use programming languages ​​like “Java” and “Ruby” for programmers, so it’s also recommended to practice typing while having fun with them.

Here are three recommended typing games that use programming languages.

It’s all free, so please give it a try.



This is a typing practice that aims to surely master keyboard operation from the home position.

It is highly recommended for those who want to acquire a home position, as many questions will be asked due to the violent finger movements and difficult input.


  • You are able to practice typing in English and typing using programming languages ​​like Java and Ruby.
  • There are illustrations of both hands, which will show you which finger to type, which means it’s possible to train your home position.
  • Since the time required for the input signal is displayed, you can examine your personal input speed.


Source – Speed Coder

This is a typing practice that aims to keep you typing the C language quickly and without mistakes.

This game is exclusively for learning C language, so it is highly recommended for C language programmers.


  • Learn to Type – Graduate from hunt-and-peck to touch typing mastery with our complete course of free touch typing lessons.
  • Practice Typing – Practice is the key to developing excellent typing skills. Make it fun by typing great quotes from great books!
  • Typing Speed Test – Evaluate your skills and measure your progress by taking a typing test.


It is a Typing Practice for Programmers to keep typing reserved words in various paragraph typing tests, Typing Practice Excercise, and Data entry ​​quickly and without mistakes.


  • ADVANCED TYPING PRACTICE – Improve your touch typing speed and accuracy with this WPM (Words per Minute) daily practice plan.
  • SPEED TYPING WITH NUMBERS – Don’t let the number row slow you down. Improve your alphanumeric typing speed with this daily practice plan.
  • PASS THE CRITICAL TEST – Prepare for pre-employment data entry exams like Critical or ProveIt with this KPH (Keystrokes per Minute) practice plan.


How to improve Typing Accuracy and Typing Speed explain clearly with various ideas. In programming, raising typing speed increases work efficiency and productivity.

If you aren’t very good at typing, try and improve your typing by simply holding down the tips and practising repeatedly.

FAQ – How to Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy

What is the best way to improve my typing speed and accuracy?

The best way to improve your typing speed and accuracy is to practice regularly. Set aside sometime each day to practice your typing. Make sure you are using a good-quality keyboard and that your fingers are in the correct position. Focus on accuracy first, then speed.

I don’t know how to type fast, can you help me?

Yes, I can help you improve your typing speed and accuracy. I will introduce tips and practice methods to increase typing speed.

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