How To Reset PS4 Controller | Dualshock 4

Did you know that how to reset PS4 controller, DUALSHOCK 4, has a reset button? Occasionally, even if the controller is connected to PS4, it may not respond or it may malfunction, but if the controller does not respond, it seems better to reset it.

In this article, I will explain what to do if the PS4 controller does not work / respond or How to reset PS4 controller.

We will also show you how to check for abnormalities with the color of the light bar on the controller.

Causes when the controller does not work

  • The controller and PS4 are not paired
  • Insufficient controller charge
  • Controller failure (overall failure or individual button failure)

The main causes when the controller connected to PS4 does not work / do not respond are as described above. Sometimes it’s a failure or it’s a simple pairing error, so you’ll need to isolate the cause.

Solution – 1 : Check the color of the light bar on the controller

The PS4 controller is equipped with a light bar, and you can check the status of the controller by checking the color of the light.

First, check the color of the light bar to see if there are any abnormalities. The relationship between the color of the light and the operating status is as follows.

Light colorController statusNormal abnormal
whitePreparing to StartNormal
Paired to PS4Normal
OffPower Off
Insufficient Charging
Pairing not performed
Abnormal if paired / running

If the light is off even though you are playing the game, or if the light does not turn orange even though it is charging, it may be a malfunction.

If the PS4 controller doesn’t work and there is something wrong with the light bar, try the following solutions in order.

Solution – 2 : Restart PS4 Controller

There is no failure in the PS4 main unit or the controller, and it may be stuck due to a temporary error. Therefore, we recommend that you restart PS4 once.

Here’s how to restart your PS4

  • Press and hold the “power button” on the PS4 main unit for about 10 seconds to forcibly terminate it.
  • Press the “power button” again to start it.

After the reboot is complete, check the status of the controller to see if it works properly. If it is not working, proceed to the next.

Solution – 3 : Fully charge the controller

There are cases where the controller simply does not respond due to lack of charge.

Also, controller is charging when connected via USB, it will not be possible to pair with the PS4.

If you suspect that the controller is out of charge, try fully charging it and then connecting it to your PS4.

If you need to replace the battery

The PS4 controller has a built-in battery. This battery has the same lifespan as a smartphone battery.

Therefore, there are cases where the PS4 controller cannot be used due to deterioration of the battery. If you have an old controller, consider replacing it with a new one.

Solution – 4 : Try Pairing Again

To pair the PS4 controller, you need to connect the PS4 and the controller via USB.

Also, if you connect multiple controllers at the same time, pairing may fail.

Connect the controllers to PS4 one by one and press the PS button to perform pairing.

Solution –

Solution – 5: Press the reset button on the controller

The reset button is useful when the controller pairing is completed normally, but it does not work properly for some reason.

If it’s up but the light stays white (including blinking), this is often useful and you should try it.

There is a small hole on the back of the controller, right next to the L2 button, so try pushing it with a wire. You can reset the settings by pressing the reset button.

After resetting, pair again and check if it works properly.

Solution – 6 : Boot in safe mode and reset the settings

The PS4 has a safe mode, and small errors can often be resolved in safe mode. If you want to boot in safe mode, please connect the controller to PS4 with a USB cable.

Follow the steps below to boot PS4 in safe mode.

  1. Turn off the PS4.
    • If it does not turn off normally, press and hold the “power button” to forcibly terminate it.
  2. After confirming that the power has been turned off, press and hold the “power button” again for 7 seconds.
  3. If you hear the startup sound twice, start in safe mode.

After successfully booting into safe mode, try pressing the PS button on the controller connected with the USB cable. If it responds normally, the menu will be displayed. Select “Reset settings” and try resetting once.

If that doesn’t work, you can also initialize your PS4. However, please note that initializing PS4 will delete all installed games. We recommend that you make a regular backup in case of trouble.

If the controller doesn’t work after trying the steps up to PS4 initialization, it’s probably a malfunction of the controller itself.

Solution – 7 : Try connecting another controller

If you suspect a controller failure, try procuring and connecting another controller.

If you can operate normally with another controller, you can determine that the controller that does not work has failed.

Also, if the controller light remains off for a long time, there is a high possibility of failure, so please replace it once.

Solution – 8 : Repair your PS4

If it doesn’t work with another controller / the button doesn’t respond, or if it doesn’t work even if you connect it with a USB cable, it is suspected that the PS4 itself is out of order.

The following PlayStation official website accepts failure diagnosis and repair reception, so apply from there.

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How to reset the DUALSHOCK 4

The reset button on the controller is on the top right of the back of the main unit

how to reset ps4 controller

The reset button on the controller is on the back of the controller.

Turn the main unit over and it is on the upper right. A small hole under the L2 trigger.

This hole is the reset button.

Press the Reset Button with a stick with a thin tip like a toothpick

how to reset ps4 controller

Insert something like a stick with a fine tip or a toothpick and press the reset button. The reset button itself is located in the back of the hole, so try pushing in the toothpick.

After pressing the button, press the PS button on the controller again.

If it does not respond or malfunctions, it is often fixed by resetting

This completes the reset.

If you can not operate the controller or it does not respond, please does not move or respond, you can often fix it with a reset. My controller sometimes does not respond well, but it comes back with a reset.

If resetting, charging and checking the USB cable do not work, the controller may be broken.

If you play an action game with intense operations, it will be fragile, so i think you may have to take the plunge and buy a new one.

FAQ : How to Reset PS4 Controller

There are two ways to disconnect the controller you were using.

1. Push the small hole on the back of the controller with a thin stick like a toothpick.


There is a controller reset button in this hole, so you can disconnect the controller by pressing that button with a thin stick. This is the same method as DUALSHOCK 3.

2. Press the "SHARE button" and "PS" button at the same time for 8 seconds.

When pairing the second and subsequent controllers , press the PS button as with the first controller to start pairing .

The light bar of the controller paired with the first unit lights up in blue, but the light bar of the controller paired with the second and subsequent units lights up in red, green, and pink in the order of the registered players.

If you press the PS button during pairing, the above screen will be displayed, but when you connect the second and subsequent controllers, click the icon "+ new user" on the left . If you click the icon "User1" on the right, the user who was connected earlier will be overwritten and the pairing will be canceled.

Also, keep in mind that if the controller you connected earlier has not completed this user selection, the light bar will "light white" and you will not be able to move the buttons on the controllers connected after that.

It is a method to connect the PlayStation 4 main unit and the dedicated controller "DUALSHOCK 4", but when you start the PS4 main unit for the first time , you can connect by connecting the main unit and the controller with a USB cable and pressing the PS button in the center of the controller .

From the second time onward, if you press the PS button on the controller after turning on the power of the PlayStation 4 main unit in both wired and wireless states, pairing will be done automatically . The signal of connection completion is pairing completed when the light of the light bar that was blinking white when the PS button was pressed changes to blue (1P).

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