15 Steps To Increase Instagram Followers | Let’s Get This Done First

Instagram is one of the effective means to attract customers to online shops. On the other hand, many people may have a problem that they don’t know how to increase followers.

In fact, there are several effective ways to increase your Instagram followers.

In this article, we will tell you about 15 basic measures that are effective for increasing Instagram followers and the very important ideas for the Instagram operation.

Understand Behavior To Increase Followers

What can I do to increase my followers?

The most important thing is to understand the behavior and psychology of the user, leading to the behavior of “following” before implementing the measures.

In general, users behave like the image above when following someone.


Therefore, in order to increase the number of followers on Instagram, it is meaningless unless you keep this trend in mind and take measures with an awareness of “what are you doing for?”

For example, you can create a feed post that makes users who see your post want to see your profile, or make your profile look attractive so that it looks like what you want to follow.

At this point, some people may think, “I don’t understand even if you say that.”

But that’s not necessary. Of the 15 measures that I will introduce below, if you start with the one that seems to suit you, you should be able to see what you should do.

15 Measures to Increase Instagram Followers

Now that you understand the basic idea of ​​increasing followers, it’s time to put it into practice.


By practicing the 15 main methods introduced below, you should be able to experience the experience of “increasing followers”.

Step 1: Make the content consistent


Make your content and themes consistent. For example, if you keep posting fashion-themed posts for women, but suddenly there are more posts about cooking, the content becomes inconsistent.

Inconsistent content can confuse users and lead to withdrawal.

On the other hand, if you make attractive posts with a consistent theme, you may be wondering “I want to check the posts of this shop continuously” and “What kind of shop is it?”, Which can lead to profile browsing and follow-up. You can.

Be aware of consistent content so that you can see the post as “instagram of that shop” .

If the content looks good and balanced, such as “Instagram”, setting the logo and mascot character is one of the ideas to make the content consistent.

So-called “ton mana” settings such as style and tone are also effective in maintaining content consistency.

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Step 2: Regular posting / updating

It is common sense in SNS that it is difficult to get users who always see when posts are irregular.

Especially when the number of posts is small, if the posting frequency is low, it may mean that there is no reason to follow, so I imagine that followers will become regular customers of the shop later, and regularly Let’s post.

For example, if you make a live stream or a new post every week on a specific day of the week, some users may look forward to it and follow you.

Step 3: Attach an appropriate hashtag

Hashtags are an important way to make posts easier for users to find. Users of posts found by searching will be more likely to receive “recommendations” for follow-up, which will lead to an increase in followers.

Hashtags can also be set on your profile, making them a powerful weapon for guiding you from posts to the “follow” button on your profile> profile page.

However, it does not mean that you should add hashtags indiscriminately .

When attaching hashtags , it is necessary to have a “strategy” such as attaching hashtags with different volumes called “big”, “middle”, and “small”, or hashtags that are likely to be used by target users . ..

This article is explained in this article , so please check it as well.

Step 4: Posting an Instagram story

Instagram’s stories are posts that are displayed for a limited time of 24 hours. Event announcements and video posts that are limited to 24 hours are often useful for increasing the number of followers.

In addition, the story can be streamed live, so you can also broadcast shop events and product introductions.

With live streaming, you can send comments and heart marks to users in real time to deepen communication. If you can convey the appeal of your product through this live distribution, it will be a powerful sales tool.

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Step 5: Hashtag in the story

Hashtags can also be used in the stories introduced earlier, making them easier to find by searching.

Post fun live streams and videos so that users who view stories found by hashtag search become followers.

Hashtags can also be displayed in the story by changing the font, color, etc. The typical usage is to display “# shop name”, and it is effective for guiding to the profile and creating followers.

Step 6: Utilize reels

A new function called “Reel” was added to Instagram in August 2020.

Simply put, it’s like an evolved version of Stories, where you can make short movies with 15 or 30 seconds of sound and effects.

The difference from the story is that it is also displayed on the “Discovery tab” so that you can reach other than your followers. It is summarized in the following article, so let’s make use of it.

Step 7: Communication With Followers

Communicating with your followers can also help you increase your followers.

Frequent follow-up and comment-back will help prevent followers from leaving. In addition, users who come to see the post also see the reply contents of the comment, so it is effective in acquiring new followers.

In addition, the same effect can be obtained by “Like” from here. Let’s have an image of growing up from “likes” to followers.

Step 8: Prompt Posts with Mentions

Encourage your fans to include “@ + username” in their posts.

This feature, called a mention, provides a link button that takes you to the profile field for that “username”. Increasing the influx into the profile section will lead to more followers.

However, some users will dislike it if they do it too persistently, so we recommend that you carry it out at campaigns and events.

Step 9: Enrich Your Profile

The profile is an important page that also has a “follow” button. Organize a profile that is appealing enough to users who are interested in it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, users first look at their profile before deciding whether to follow.

You can also post a link on your profile, so be sure to set it if you have your own shop.

Step 10: Setting a Profile Picture that Matches the Theme

Your profile picture will also be displayed in the recommendation function in Instagram called “Recommended Account”, so you need to set it in mind to use it for follow-up appeal.

The first thing to do is to use a profile picture that matches the theme of your content.

Step 11: Post location information in posts

If you include location information in your post, it will be easier for users who are interested in the same location to view it. The number of followers is likely to increase in proportion to the number of views, so this is a point to keep in mind.

Also, if you have a physical store, you can use it to guide you to the physical store, so be sure to post the location information as a set.

Step 12: Promote your account on other SNS

Promoting your account on other social networks is also an effective way.

It’s not an Instagram measure, so it’s different from other measures, but keep in mind.

For example, you can promote your Instagram account in your profile or your hashtag account in your posts to users who are already following you on Twitter.

It depends on the attributes of followers of other SNS, but if there are many followers with similar attributes, the effect can be expected.

Step 13: Posting videos as well as photos

Video introductions of products and brand images are also effective in increasing the number of followers.

By including videos in the content, it is easy to be evaluated as providing high quality content, and in fact, many videos are posted in the story.

Step 14: Utilization of Professional Accounts

Instagram has a pro account. Although it is named Pro, it is also available to individuals, and this feature allows you to view data for posts and more as a report.

It is essential if you want to use Instagram as a business because it provides useful information for analysis and verification, such as what kind of post you posted to increase the number of followers, age group of followers, gender ratio, etc. It is a function.

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Step 15: Implementation of Instagram campaign

Instagram campaigns such as photo contests, gift campaigns, and events can be expected to increase the number of followers by attracting more attention.

For example, there are many companies that implement measures such as “getting a specified hashtag attached” in the form of a photo contest.

However, these campaigns are not effective unless you have a certain amount of fans, so it is recommended that you consider them when your account has grown to some extent, rather than taking measures at the beginning.

Let’s practice the effective measures introduced here steadily and surely increase the number of followers on Instagram.


We have introduced 15 measures that we would like to take to increase followers on Instagram.

Of course, you don’t have to take all the measures, but if you are worried that your followers will not grow easily, you can try any one of them.

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