15 Tips to Become a Master of Microsoft Word

This topic is about Master of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word is a word processor application from Microsoft Corporation. At the heart of the Office suite, Microsoft Word offers many easy-to-use document creation tools and a rich feature set for creating complex documents.

Microsoft Word is an application that helps us in our daily lives. For the general public, learning some tips and tricks in Microsoft Word can solve many problems at work. So here are some tips for becoming a master of Microsoft Word.

1. Change the default font of Microsoft Word

In the process of our work, the default font for most Word documents is Calibri. This default font is often not suitable for your work needs. 

You can change the font at any time, but it will be the default the next time you open the document. To make your work more convenient, we will give you tips on how to change the default font in Microsoft Word.

Go to the Home tab and select the Font dialog box launcher or press Ctrl + D to open the advanced font options menu. 

Then select the font and size you want to use and click the Set Defaults button at the bottom.

Master of Microsoft Word

2. Insert the Page Number

In everyday work, whether formal or regular documents, people insert page numbers into documents to get a better reading experience. Here are some tips for inserting page numbers.

Select Insert > Page Number and select the desired location and style. Set the page number format as needed. 

If you don’t want the page number to appear on the first page, select “Another First Page”. You can also set the initial page number with the Format Page Number tool.

Master of Microsoft Word

3. Create a Table of Contents Automatically

If your Word document has a lot of content, you need to create a table of contents to make it easier to read. However, if you enter the table of contents manually, you must change the content of the following text and then re-enter all page numbers in the previous table of contents. 

Therefore, it is important to learn how to create a table of contents automatically in Microsoft Word.

First, open the Word document and place the cursor where you want to add the table of contents. Go to Browse> Table of Contents and select Auto Style. If you make changes to a document that affects the table of contents, right-click the table of contents and select Update Fields to update the table of contents.

Master of Microsoft Word

4. Find and Replace the Text

When editing a Word document, you may need to replace certain text or numbers in the document with other content. Many people find and change words one by one, but this method is significantly less efficient. This time, you can use the Find and Replace Text tool to improve your work efficiency.

First, go to Home> Replace or press Ctrl + H. Click to display the Find and Replace dialog box. Then you need to type the word or phrase you want to search for in the Search box and the new text in the Replace box. 

When you’re done, select the Replace button to replace the word. Select Replace All if you want to update all instances at once.

Master of Microsoft Word

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5. Create a Resume Template

A good personal resume will help job seekers get a good job. There are many types of resumes on the Internet. How do I get the right resume template? Microsoft Word has resume templates available to users. All you have to do is find what you like, click on it, and start writing. 

These resume templates will help you create documents that will impress all your employers.

First start Microsoft Word. Go to File> New. Type Resume in the search box. Then you will see many resume templates below the list. 

Select the resume template you want to use and click the Create button to open the resume template in Microsoft Word. Finally, replace the personal information in your resume template.

Master of Microsoft Word

6. Search for Words Quickly

When reading or editing a document in Word, some words may not be understood. In this situation, many people open a browser and search for the meaning of the word. 

The Smart Lookup tool allows you to search for words directly in Microsoft Word without interrupting your work, greatly improving your work efficiency. 

However, if you want to use this tool, please use the Microsoft Word 2016 version.

Highlight the word, right-click the word, and click the Smart Lookup button. Then a small window pops up with information about the word. 

You can see the results with the highest Bing scores, along with definitions, Wikipedia articles, or other information related to your search.

Master of Microsoft Word

7. Change the Page Colour

Page colour is the colour that appears at the bottom of your Word document. It is used to enhance the page display effect of Word documents, and the page colours are not displayed when printing. 

When using Microsoft Word, the default page background is white. Therefore, some people want to change the colour of the page to protect their eyesight.

First, go to Design> Page Colours. Then select a colour from one of the listed sections. You can select more colours or create custom colours by clicking the Other Colours … button. If you want to add a gradient, texture, pattern, or image, select the Fill Effect button and click the corresponding button as needed.

Master of Microsoft Word

8. Create your own AutoCorrect settings

AutoCorrect is a Microsoft Word feature that can automatically detect and correct typos, spelling mistakes, syntax errors, and case errors. If you need to spell long words or phrases in Microsoft Word, you can use the AutoCorrect settings to improve your work efficiency.

Go to File> Options> Calibration and select AutoCorrect Options. Add your own custom word in the Replace box and type the correct spelling of the word in the Yes box.

Master of Microsoft Word

9. Add a Watermark

You can add watermarks to make your document pages look like stationery. Show off your brand with your company logo. You can convey useful information or add visual interest to a printed document without affecting the text. However, many do not know how to add a watermark in Microsoft Word. Next, we’ll walk you through how to add a watermark.

Go to Design> Watermark. In the drop-down menu, click one of the built-in watermarks to add it to your document. You can also create a custom watermark from text or an image by selecting Custom Watermark from the Watermark drop-down menu.

Master of Microsoft Word

10. Highlight the Text

If you use Microsoft Word, you may need to highlight the text content. The most common method is to use colour to highlight the text. So how do you highlight the text in different colours?

You must first select the text to highlight. On the Home tab, select the arrow next to the Text Highlight Colour icon. Then you can choose the colour you want to emphasize.

Master of Microsoft Word

11. Insert the table

If you use Microsoft Word for data editing, you need to insert a table. As you can see, the display of some data reports is more compelling. The display of the data is also clearer, but how to insert a table in Microsoft Word?

Click Insert> Table and drag the number, height and width of cells in the pop-up window. If you need to insert more tables, click Insert Table. Enter the number of rows and columns in the pop-up window. When you’re done, click the OK button.

Master of Microsoft Word

12. Remove all formats

Word documents may come in several different formats. Alternatively, if you copy the paragraph on the Internet, you will find that the format does not match the format you need. This time we need to remove all these formats, but removing them one by one wastes a lot of time. Therefore, you can use the “Clear All Formats” tool to remove them with just one click.

First select the text you want to revert to the default format. Then click the Clear All Formats icon in the Fonts group.

Master of Microsoft Word

When using Microsoft Word, you may need content to link to other content, such as other paragraphs, audio and photos, videos, and even links to web pages. This feature can be achieved in Microsoft Word called the “hyperlink” feature.

Select the text or image you want to display as a hyperlink. Click Insert> Hyperlink. You can also right-click the text or image and click Hyperlink on the shortcut menu. In the Insert Hyperlink box, if you want to link to a web page, type or paste the link in the Address box. You can also link to audio, images, etc. as needed in the Insert Hyperlink box.

Master of Microsoft Word

14. Use Format Painter to Copy the Format

Format Painter is a small brush that allows you to copy text and other formats. You can copy the format, but you cannot copy the text itself. You can quickly apply the specified text format to other paragraphs and text.

Go to the Home tab. Click the “Format Painter” that displays the brush icon. Use the painter to paint on the selected text or graphic and apply it to the format. This works only once. If you want to change the format of multiple selections in a document, you must first double-click the Format Painter.

Master of Microsoft Word

15. Compare two Word Documents and Show the Difference

In our daily work, we may change the same article over and over, or we may need another person to change the same article. If an article is revised many times, the article will appear messy. At this point, you can use the Compare tool to compare the two documents and see the differences between them.

Click Review> Compare> Compare. In the Compare Documents dialog box, you need to select the two Word documents you want to compare separately from Original Document and Revised Document. When you’re done, click the OK button. You can now see the new comparison document created to show and highlight the differences between the two specific files.

Master of Microsoft Word


We believe you can learn how to use Master of Microsoft Word well with the 15 tips above. Microsoft Word is a great word processor. It has many features waiting for you to explore. If you have any other tips about Microsoft Word, Please Contact Us.

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