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There are numerous keyboards available in the market but Microsoft Keyboard is one of them. The keyboard is an essential input device for programming, work, game play, and so on. 

It is often included when you purchase a computer, but it is quite difficult to find something with a touch that you like. So this time, I will suggest the Microsoft Keyboards is the best and for personal and commercial use.

Microsoft Keyboard Driver

Every keyboard companies have their own official website. You can download software your required software with your keyboard model number.

Microsoft download center is an app that helps you to download Microsoft Keyboard software for your PC.

Please keep in mind that you need to update your device’s keyboard driver software to make sure your keyboard version.

Microsoft Keyboard Instruction Manual

Microsoft Keyboard Instruction Manual are available with their keyboard driver manual. You can find the instruction with their installation folder names is setup.txt or Readme.

Most of the keyboard software are the same procedure to installation process.

How to use Microsoft Keyboard

Each keyboard has keys that play an important role. If you don’t know it, you will have unexpected troubles. Here are some of the main keyboard key roles you should know about.

Wheather you are writing a letter or number, your computer is the main way of entering data into your computer. Learning a few basic keyboard commands (your computer’s instructions) will help you function more effectively. For more details you can visit Microsoft help site to learn more.

Keyboard divided into several categories based on function.

Typing Key (Alphanumeric Key)– The Keyboard has a various key with the Letter, Number, Punctuation and Symbol found on a traditional typewriter.

Control Key – The control key used alone or in combination with other keys to perform certain actions. The Control key most frequently used are Ctrl, Alt and Esc.

Function Keys: With the function key to used for specific tasks. These are labeled as F1 to F12. The key differ from program to program of the functionality.

Navigation keys – With the help of this key we can move around in a document or webpage and editing text. This includes the arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, and Insert.

Numeric Keypad (Number Key)- This key helps us to entering number quickly. The keys are grouped together in a block like a traditional calculator or adding machine.

The Microsoft Keyboard is the best for home work and office work because it very comfort to type and look is very attractive.

Microsoft keyboard compare to other keyboard, it is long-lasting and under budget. So before choosing any keyboard consider this.

The Microsoft keyboard is highly durable and is recommended for those who want to type at high speed.

It is often used for gaming and is perfect for those who are aiming for hard use.

Microsoft Keyboard Settings

You can solve the problem by setting the keyboard language, such as making a mistake in selecting the keyboard layout when installing Windows 10, changing to a keyboard in another language such as English, or entering different characters even if you press a key.

Here shows you how to set the keyboard language.

Keyboard Layout Settings and Changes

This setting is not to add an input keyboard, but to change the keyboard itself used on the personal computer to an English or Hindi keyboard.

For “Addition” of the keyboard layout to be entered, see “Additional keyboard settings for each country” below.

Click “Language” displayed in “Preferred Language”, and then click “Options” in the displayed menu.

Click the Windows mark and click “Settings”.

Microsoft Keyboard

The settings window will open, so click “Time and Language”.

Microsoft Keyboard

The screen will change, so click “Language”.

Microsoft Keyboard

Set / Change the keyboard layout.

This setting is not to add an input keyboard, but to change the keyboard itself used on the personal computer to an English or Japanese keyboard.

For “Addition” of the keyboard layout to be entered, see “Additional keyboard settings for each country” below.

Click “Language” displayed in “Preferred Language”, and then click “Options” in the displayed menu.

Microsoft Keyboard

When the language options screen opens, click “Change layout” under “Hardware keyboard layout”.

When “Change Hardware Keyboard Layout” opens, click the box and select “English Keyboard” or “Any Keyboard”.

If you want to change it immediately, click “Restart Now”.

If you click OK, the keyboard layout will change the next time you start Windows 10.

If you have not saved the data you are working on, do not click “Restart Now”, click “OK”, save it, and then restart it.

Addition and setting of input (keyboard) of each language

When you see “Please select a language to install”, scroll through the box and click to select the language you want to add, then click Next.

When “Install Language Features” is displayed, make sure “Install Language Pack” is selected and click “Install”.

You will be returned to the language setting screen and the installation of the selected “Language Pack” will start.

When the message “Language pack installed” is displayed, the process is complete.

Click the language you added and click Options in the menu that appears.

  • If you want to delete mistakes, click “Delete” to delete the added language.

Normally, the keyboard of “Input Method Editor” on the screen is fine, but you can also click “Add Keyboard” to add a separate keyboard type.

This completes the language addition. An icon for switching the “input method” has been added to the taskbar notification area, so click it to check.

It is convenient to remember that you can switch the input by pressing the “Windows mark” and “space” on the keyboard.

Microsoft Keyboard Ergonomics

It has been demonstrated that ergonomic keyboards retain a central wrist position and reduce musculoskeletal fatigue.

Long-term typing problems and fatigue have also been reported to be reduced. It’s the ideal solution to daily problems for programmers and anyone who wants to spend a lot of time on a PC, and such a keyboard is worth the investment.

The design is tilted to a natural hand position to prevent wrist injury.

It also has 150+ buttons that allow you to open the Internet and control music from the buttons on your keyboard.

We are fans of the palm rest with integrated keyboard, which keeps you comfortable and comfortable even after hours of typing on your desk.

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