Types of Output Devices of a Computer System

The Output Devices of a Computer System is the output device is a piece of computer hardware that receives information or messages from the Computer. The Computer interacts with the device in some manner. The most general out-put devices are the display and Printer but there are some others.

The output device is a piece of Computer Hardware. It receives information or data from the computer and translates to another form to understand the outer world.

There are various types of Output Devices available for the computer. But the most are:
1. Display Device
2. Printer
3. Speaker

We can say the above device is called computer peripherals. From here, raise a question, What is Peripheral? Some device is connected on a computer via various cable or ports. These types of devices are called: peripheral.

1. Display Device

The Display device use in a computer is known as Monitor. The Display device comes with three types i.e. a) CRT Monitor, b) LCD Monitor, c) TFL (Led). The monitor work with a video card to display video or text.

Output Devices of a Computer

a) CRT Monitor

CRT full form (Cathode Ray Tube), which looks like a regular TV. It is a larger and heavier monitor, and they take up more desk space but today there is no demand.

b) LCD Monitor

LCD full form (Liquid Crystal Display), This Monitor looks like a thin and comfortable design. it lightweight with needs low space. By around 2006, It was high demand.

c) TFT (Led Monitor)

TFT full form (Thin Film Transistor) or LED full form (Light Emitting Diod). Today this monitor is a very huge demand. This monitor is very better visibility then LCD.

As per the global report, more than 80 percent of computer user uses TFT Monitor. This because most of the cases Using the monitor as a TV or CCTV.

2. Printer

A printer is an external device that prints documents or photos a standard size of a sheet of paper that is displayed on a monitor. This device converts soft copy to hard copy or prints several copies to hand out.

Output Devices of a Computer

Today, The following printer are regular use:
a) Laser Printer
b) Inkjet Printer
c) Dot-Metrix Printer

The printers are also two types of Impact and Non-Impact.

The impact printer works directly in contact with an ink ribbon with paper. This Printer is typically loud because the printer head strikes against directly between ribbon and paper. This printer like a regular typewriter.

The non-Impact printer works with chemical, laser, xerographic, and ink technology. The non-Impact printer is generally quiet and it not as impact printer. 

a) Laser Printer

A laser printer is a popular type of computer printer that uses a non-impact or the keys don’t strike the paper, photocopier technology to transfer text and images onto paper.

It printer basically comes with the black printer and its printer speed 20 pages per minutes (20ppm).

This printer uses black power (tonner) as an ink.

b) Inkjet Printer

An Inkjet printer is the most popular printer with its quality. This printer basically uses as a regular photo printer. This printer is also a non-impact printer. This printer is significantly slower as compared to a laser printer.

This printer basically uses spraying the ink with black and colour ink, This printer speed print 6 pages per minutes (6ppm).

This printer uses colour liquid (ink).

c) Dot-Metrix Printer

Dot-Metrix Printer is an impact printer and it prints with ribbon and it creates an impression on the paper. This printer is basically noisy at the time of printing. This printer print character and letter are formed by a matrix of dots.

The Dot matrix printers are cheap and easily available in the market compared to other printers that tolerate dirty and hot conditions as are found in industrial environments. This printer use ribbon as its ink.

3. Speaker

Everyone has known what is a speaker but in this post, we learn the basic uses of a speaker. This device is also an output device of a computer. With the help of this device, we can listen to sound from a computer who is giving a vocal command to a software program.

Output Devices of a Computer

Some manufacture companies began to offer high-quality speaker for computer, similar to home theatre and stereo system.

This sound system pairs a small speaker for the midrange and high frequencies and a large subwoofer for the low and end (bass). There are three types of speakers use on a computer.

1. Inbuilt onboard Speaker (internal speaker)
2. External Speaker
3. Monitor Speaker

1. Inbuilt onboard Speaker (internal speaker)

The onboard built-in speaker refers to as a computer speaker, Onboard Speaker, and system speaker is a basic speaker on a motherboard that creates beep, beeping noise. This speaker is basic and is not for playing music, songs.

2. External speaker

The external speaker connects a computer or other devices to produce sound more amplification.

3. Monitor Speaker.

Monitor speaker comes with some new led monitor the sound quality of the speaker is good as a laptop (no bass)

I hope you learn the basic types of Output Devices of a Computer System. if you have any doubts or query feel free and comment below. I will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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