Earns $1000 / Month to Create a Personal Blog in 2022

If you want to create a personal blog with WordPress turn it into a professional internet business, you are in the right place. In this article I will tell you how to create a blog and how to blog about how to make money on it in the future.

Since there are already millions of blogs out there at the moment, many people believe that making money from blogging in 2022 is impossible.

I created a blog Basic Computer Knowledge a one year ago.

Personal Blog

And i am decided to share my experience with readers to create a personal blog with WordPress.

This requires the right tactics and skills to scale your personal blogging processes.

But one question arises here; Why should you learn to start blogging?

  1. With blogging you can earn 1000 dollars per month.
  2. There are various topics to create blogging.
  3. Selling your own information products and affiliate income provide 100% of passive income.
  4. In 2022 with digital world to be successful running your own blog. A lots of tutorial on how to create a blog, where to create and how to promote a blog all are outdated, and only 5% of blogs are successful. I want to make a difference and help you.

In this great guide will guide you to pick the right niche, how to blog,

I discuss how to pick the right niche, how to blog, how to generate traffic and monetize your blog in no time in this great guide for aspiring bloggers. And yes, you’re going to work full time as a writer.

Ok, Today I will help you to learn how to start a blog using the same tactics I used to grow from scratch and start making money.

Please carefully read my simple step-by-step guide (with a picture). Then save it to your bookmark and return to the manual later to refresh your memory.

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Before we focus on this beginner’s step-by-step guide on how to start a blog, let’s take a look at some highlights.

Why Create a Blog?

First of all, answer the question yourself, why do you need a blog

We all start blogging for a variety of reasons – earning money, building audiences on a topic that interests us, creating a professional booklet, writing content to improve the flow of content, and so on.

But that’s not all

Information on how to start money blogging can be of interest to you for a number of reasons:

  • The dream of quitting a job is where you need to be a full time
  • Spend more time with your family and friends
  • Do whatever you like
  • Live and work on “vacation”

Think about your “why” to decide what your life will be like when you achieve your goal, not just your goal.

I’ve always dreamed of making enough money to avoid standard 9 to 5 working days. The saddest thing for me is spending nine hours a day that I don’t really like.

Ok, let’s move on to the first step.

Define Your Blog Niche

The first step to starting a blog is to get started with Namecheap. I personally suggest going with a hosting company it is very easy to use.

We all know that each blog needs a specific direction – something that will be dedicated to the blog. This is a blog site, for which there may be options: marketing, cooking, auto, fitness, style, and so on.

Most bloggers advise you on what you are really interested in, as it will help you maintain a constant interest in your readers and help reduce the time for inspiration to disappear.

Every experienced blogger will advise you to choose a place at the intersection of enthusiasm, skills, experience, interest, and opportunity:

Personal Blog

However, this model is not perfect because it lacks one important component – blog monetization!

Let’s say, following your advice above, you choose your blog site based on passion, skills, and experience. For example, your passion for calligraphy, your skills help people learn to write beautifully, and your experience allows you to be a mentor.

You decide to start a calligraphy blog to help people write beautifully.

How will you create such a Blog?

  1. You Create 10 Blog Posts
  2. Editing Video
  3. Create Instagram and YouTube Channels
  4. Create an About Me Page and an FAQ to tell your Story.
  5. add Amazon affiliate links to calligraphy products
  6. Create Email Campaigns – Top 7 Calligraphy Skills to Earn Money by Creating a Typeface in 30 Days

When a subscriber subscribes to your newsletter, within 7 days, they receive an offer for a free online personal training consultation. At the same time, your main goal as a blogger is to make this user a regular monthly subscriber.

This all sounds very cool However, I am pretty sure this blog will fail.


Monetizing was not your top priority when choosing a blog niche – it was passion, skill, and experience.

Accordingly, choosing this niche will take years to make money on a blog. And when it takes years to monetize, the chances of quitting blogging are very high.

This is the most common myth: it takes years to make money blogging.

There is another problem with this strategy. It stems from our pursuit of meaning.

Imagine that you’ve been writing about something you’re passionate about for several months, and you realize that you still have no followers, no traffic, and not a dime out of all your efforts.

It doesn’t matter who you are: a trainer, musician, graphic designer, or writer, everyone wants recognition for their work. As social beings, we must share with other people what we create.

We all strive for meaning in our lives.

After you start blogging, you can write about your hobbies, skills, and experience for a while, but if the number of readers does not grow and you do not earn money, sooner or later you will stop blogging (most of you).

And that’s why over 90% of blogs fail – their authors start writing about what they love but don’t know how to turn blogging into a business from day one.

Such bloggers post for years get frustrated and, when they don’t see results, stop blogging.

So what to do to create your blog as a business from the very beginning. How to develop such a blog?

To do this, choose the perfect niche not only based on your hobbies but also based on the following business factors:

  1. Potential audience income
  2. Affiliate Marketing Potential
  3. Professional lever
  4. Keyword Research

1. Potential income from your audience

When deciding how to start a blog, your key question should not be:

What is my niche?

Who exactly is my audience and what problem am I trying to solve?

To offer a valuable product on your blog and make money, you need to decide what your audience is willing to spend their money on.

As a blogger, you must deeply understand the concerns of your audience and offer them exactly what they want.

And the best thing about starting a blog is to look at yourself from the outside.

Ask yourself what audience do you belong to?

You are much more likely to understand the problems of a particular group if you yourself belong to that group.

Therefore, my target audience was people like me:

  • 25-45 years old
  • They work as standard Mon-Fri from 9.00-17.00
  • We are ready to make an effort to earn money to work for ourselves
  • They are smart and know how to understand new areas
  • Have a desire to earn passive income through a blog

Understanding your audience is the first step.

2. Your niche needs affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite form of blog monetization It is an inactive form of income Once you start ranking in the search engine, you can make money while sleeping or relaxing.

3. Use your professional experience

Once you have identified a profitable audience that will give you value, the next step in learning how to start a blog is to identify the strategic benefits you get from others.

Ask yourself:

This is where using your professional knowledge helps a lot

For example, if you are a photographer, your customers may be familiar with Aadhaar, communication from local photography groups, and other photographers you have met in the past. If you use these relationships in the future, you can accelerate the growth of your blog.

Take advantage of all your facilities, This feature will help you get traction with guest posts, backlinks and social media soon.

Now, going to the most important factor in choosing your place

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps you can take when choosing your blog.

It’s very simple You have to write about what people are looking for.

You need to be an expert in Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your blog traffic.

What should you look for?

You should find keywords in your niche with high volume and low competition.

This is how I measure competitive performance.

Search queries monthly:

  • 0-1000: low
  • 1000-3000: low / medium
  • 3000-10000: medium
  • 10,000-50000: high
  • 50,000+: very high

The complexity of keywords:

  • 0-15: low
  • 16-35: medium
  • 36-65: high
  • 66+: very high

Keyword Search Volume

There are thousands of potential differences for this keyword – for example, your advanced webinar software, webinar tools, etc. can also get traffic for all these options, so you can increase your potential traffic for a specifically targeted key.

Using the rank for the column, you can see the keywords for which the top pages of the rankings for your key are also displayed in the top search results.

This allows you to find unclear keywords that you can also include in the content and sub-headings of your post.

How to get keywords for your personal blog:

Use a tool like Ahrefs and apply filters to the results Set the monthly search volume filter to at least 800 and the key problem filter to 10 or less.

Write Down The Goals of Your Blog

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

This is also true when you create a New Blog.

Once you have chosen your location, you need a way to track it

  • Actions
  • Objectives
  • Concept of content
  • The main thing at this stage is not to complicate things

When I started this blog, I kept an eye on everything in a simple document.

Your Blog Goals

It’s time to explain and write about how to blog and what you want to achieve with your personal blog in a short and long time. These should be specific goals – measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

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Here are some examples from a personal blog-defined table:

  • Write and publish the first three blog posts with more than 3,000 words by May 15
  • Complete the page about me by May 17
  • Publish three guest posts by June 5th
  • Get 500 blog visitors a month by July 1st
  • Receive 250 email addresses by July 30
  • Get 5 links by August 10th
  • As you can see, these are short-term, achievable personal blogging goals with clear deadlines.

Your Blog Profile

You need to capture the ideas that come to your mind and their implementation, to determine what will happen to your personal blog over time. Time can change the focus of a blog – okay

The sections may include:

  • Your unique offer is a “useful” idea
  • Your blog title and sub-title
  • Which audience are you addressing?
  • Approach to your blog – in 1 sentence (how can you easily explain the essence of your blog to a friend)
  • Who is your customer?
  • What are the main categories for your blog?
  • Future content ideas with targeted keywords and search volume.
  • This list is dynamic, it will change over time, it will be updated as you wish

Plan your blog, set some simple goals, and write everything down to better reflect the content of your blog and understand who your audience is.

Why do individuals make money on blogs and what are the benefits of not just income?

The most common purpose of starting a personal blog is to earn income such as “side business” and “money earning”.

First of all, let me explain why you can make money just by writing a blog.

The reason for earning income is “advertising income”

In conclusion, blogging makes money from advertising revenue.

Specifically, you can earn advertising revenue in the following flow.

■ The flow of generating advertising revenue on blogs

  • Write a blog
  • Readers gather on the blog
  • Place an ad
  • Readers see ads, click on ads, and purchase and use products
  • Earn advertising revenue according to results

Actually, you can earn income other than advertising-income, such as paying sales of know-how, but at first, it is okay to remember that what you can earn by writing a blog is advertising income.

The specific steps to place an ad on your personal blog and an introduction to advertising services are explained later in the article.

Benefits of running a blog that isn’t just about income

And let me tell you that blogging has so many benefits besides advertising revenue.

For some people, it’s more attractive than advertising revenue.

The reason why I recommend blogging is because of the benefits other than advertising revenue!

■ An example of benefits other than advertising revenue

  • There is a synergistic effect that is compatible with work, school work, and housework
  • Acquire high-value business skills
  • Life will be enriched
  • Isn’t any of them attractive?

If you manage your blog properly with a purpose, you can get something that is more valuable than advertising revenue.

From here, I will explain the specific method of how to start a blog.

To start a blog, you first need to choose a blog service.

Blog services are roughly divided into the above two types, and I strongly recommend WordPress blogs (paid blogs) in order to maximize the benefits.

WordPress (Paid Blog)

WordPress is the most used personal blog software in the world. Many monetized blogs use WordPress.

There is no doubt that you can think of it as a paid blog that you launch yourself = WordPress.

If you want to monetize or manage your blog in earnest, WordPress is definitely an advantage. You can use it for a few hundred dollars to 1,000 dollars a month.

The features of WordPress are as follows.

WordPress Paid Blog – (Advantage)

  • Get WordPress management know-how
  • Advantages over free blogs when monetizing
  • Free design can be used
  • You can completely turn your blog into your own asset by using your own domain name

WordPress Paid Blog – (Disadvantage)

It costs about several hundred Dollars to 1,000 Dollars per month.

WordPress -Free blog

The advantage of free blogging is that it is inexpensive and easy to get started.

If you can’t afford it, you can start with a free blog.

The features of the free blog are as follows.

WordPress Free Blog – (Advantage)

  • Free and easy to get started

WordPress Free Blog – (Disdvantage)

  • Disadvantageous than WordPress when monetizing
  • I can’t choose a free design
  • Posting articles on a blog service does not make it a complete asset

A series of steps to get started with WordPress

personal blog
  • If you can start with a free blog, you can skip this item!

To start a personal blog on WordPress, you first need to do a little preparation.

Preparing the content required the launch of WordPress and, WordPress, the default is. This time, we will introduce a method that even beginners can be sure of and will not fail and the necessary initial setting work.

Even beginners can take only a few hours!

Launch WordPress

Follow the steps below to launch a WordPress blog.

  • Rental server contract
  • Acquisition of original domain
  • Own domain setting / SSL setting
  • WordPress installation

WordPress initial settings

After launching WordPress, do the initial setup of WordPress before you start writing a personal blog.

By default, you can select the theme (design) of your blog, set the title, and make the necessary settings for safe use.

Introducing personal blog management tips for beginners

Next, I would like to introduce three management tips that I would like to convey to beginners when managing a blog.

Clarify the purpose and theme of the personal blog

A blog that you start somehow without a purpose will not only last longer, but it will not lead to income or other benefits.

Be sure to clarify what the theme is for whom and for what purpose.

Choosing a theme that suits you is the most important point in blog management.

Tips on how to write a personal blog

By gaining experience in writing blogs, you will be able to write well, but if you know the tips of how to write, you will improve faster.

Here are four typical writing tips.

■ Tips for writing a personal blog

  • Have a reader’s perspective
  • Clarify the theme and purpose of the article
  • Write in the flow of conclusion → reason → summary until you get used to it
  • Write out the headline before writing and make a composition plan

There are still many tips on how to write. Check out the articles that explain in detail!

Create an easy-to-read blog post

Even if you write a good article, if the blog is not easy to read, it will not be read and will not be transmitted. Making the text easier to read is also a very important task.

The basic way to make your personal blog easier to read than text is to include images and illustrations.

The free material service can be used in such cases. Make your blog easy to read and gorgeous with free materials used in many blogs!

What are the preparations needed to earn advertising revenue on a personal blog?

Once you’ve written about 10 to 20 articles on your personal blog for the first time, it’s time to start preparing to place ads on your personal blog!

There are three main types of advertising services used to place advertisements on blogs.

  • Google adsense
  • Amazon Associate (Rakuten Affiliate)
  • Affiliate (A8.net)

These three types are standard services, so let’s start advertising using these services first.

All services are prepared free of charge in the flow of “service registration”, “examination”, and “posting on the blog”.

Google AdSense

personal blog
Source- Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a pay-per-click advertising service provided by Google. The biggest feature of Google Adsense is that even beginners can easily make a profit because they can get paid just by clicking, and the amount of reward is far higher than other pay-per-click advertising services.

■ Features of Google Adsense

  • Advertising revenue will definitely increase in proportion to the number of blog visits
  • The hurdle to earn income is low because rewards are generated only by clicking
  • Overwhelmingly profitable compared to other pay-per-click advertising services
  • Examination is a little strict

Not limited to the theme of the personal blog, you can definitely earn income in proportion to the number of accesses to the blog, so it is a service that you definitely want to use when the number of accesses and articles reaches a certain level.

The review is a bit strict, but a blog that writes 10 to 20 good articles will pass the review.

Amazon Associate (Affiliate Program)

personal blog

Source – Amazon Associate Program

■ Characteristics of Amazon Associate

  • You can introduce the products that you and others are using
  • Since it is a service of a major company, you can introduce it with confidence
  • The number of products is very large, so it is easy to find the product you want to introduce.
  • Referral reward rate is low compared to affiliates (in the case of Amazon, about 3 to 8% of the product price)
  • Reward is generated when the product is sold
  • Examination is a little strict

If you want to introduce your favorite books or recommended products on your Personal Blog, and if there is a product that matches the theme of your blog or article, make use of it!

Regarding Amazon, the examination is a little strict (in the case of direct tie-up), but if you can write an article like Google Adsense, it will pass the examination enough.

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Summary – Important Things in Personal Blog Management

This time, I introduced the reasons why you can earn income from Personal blogs, how to start blogs, how to manage and place advertisements.

I think that many people start Personal Blogging for the purpose of side business or pocket money, but it is important to understand the following order in order to succeed in blogging and earn income and maximize the benefits of blogging. is.

Step 1

– Write a blog with a theme that suits you
– Clarify the purpose

Step 2

– Keep blogging
– Enjoy writing a blog

Step 3

– You can monetize by advertising
– Various benefits can be obtained through blog management

Running with a purpose on a theme that suits you will lead to continued and enjoyable blogging, which will surely lead to monetization and other benefits.

Let’s enjoy the blog!

Thank you for reading!

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