Best Free PUBG Theme For Windows 10

Pubg Theme For Windows 10 – Hi there, today I share the Pubg Theme for Windows 10 which you can install on your computer and it will feel seems like a PUBG battleground. Pubg Game is one of the most played games in the world. These days seeing the young people and students are most playing.

Pubg Theme For Windows 10

So that I decided I will give the best Pubg theme for window 10 to download and install on your computer. The installation process is very easy that anyone can do.

Pubg for Windows 10

PUBG Mobile for PC is the official Android mobile version of the world’s most popular battle royale game, which you can now play on your PC! There are a hundred players who participate but one of them surviving.

The developer has designed a port for windows pc to play android games on a computer. The game lover will enjoy the Pubg games on PC.

Pubg Theme for Windows 10 Free Download

The Pubg theme is not only for windows 10 but also supports windows 7, 8, 8.1. In the below-given download button to download your theme.

Your computer makes the window look better, you have to download four types of software.

Those are:

  • Customize your display screen
  • Download wallpaper
  • Rainmeter Skin
  • Rainy day Skin

After downloading all forth listed above and then go further.

Download Pubg Theme for Windows 10

Download your favorite game Pubg Theme for windows 10. Click the below button to download.

Pubg Mobile Theme for Windows 10

The Pubg Mobile Theme for Windows 10 and for mobile is different. Mobile applications will not be installed on the computer or mobile applications will not be installed on the mobile. Different operating systems have different software.

Pubg Background HD

High Definition (HD) Wallpaper/Background images can also be download online. Again I told you the high-quality image of the Pubg Background will be found on the Deviant Art website.

Not only the Pubg background but also other photos can be found. There are thousands of computer background images available. Anyone can download high-quality images without any cost.

Pubg for Windows

Most Pubg lovers are trying to load games on the computer but they do not find an appropriate software to install them.

The official emulator allows you to install the Pubg application on the Windows Operating System.

First of all, open your favorite browser and type pubg. The first link appears there will be click on it.

PUBG Theme For Windows 10
From Gameloop

After redirect or open the site. Choose the version in English and just click on the download button.

Wait some time to download the complete software to be download. Don’t do anything it starts automatically.

This software automatically starts and also you will be able to see the progress bar. Let’s wait for the progress bar to reach the 100 percent mark.

It going to install essential updates here and once this is done you will be ready to just use your game log emulator Pubg mobile.

You can see there are many other popular games for mobile which will find here you can also see this Pubg mobile.

You can directly click on the Pubg mobile icon and then you can see initializing and also be able to see the system requirement.

Pubg Wallpaper 4k Download

System Requirement

The Pubg theme for windows 10 installs with minimum requirements.

  • Operating System : Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7
  • RAM : 4GB
  • CPU: Pentium or later
  • Storage: 30GB
  • Network: No Need
  • GPU: No Need

Installation Process

The installation process is very easy, anyone can do this. Follow Some simple steps.

  • First Download Rainmeter software and install it.
  • Second download the wallpaper and set as wallpaper.
  • Third Download Rainmenter Skin and install trame application and close the setting. Drag and drop your desktop components.
  • Fourth Download Rainy Day Skin and install it. The rain color choose from the color button.


It is no matter which Windows Operating System or version you are using. It is very simple to set on your computer. This theme is very popular these days because the user feels am a real player.

If you have any doubt related to Pubg Theme for Windows 10 then let us know in the comment below. Thanks Have a Nice Day.

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