How to Write SEO Friendly Article in Blogger

How to Write SEO Friendly Article in Blogger: You could get more people to read your blog posts if you could. Consequently, more people will connect with your content and eventually purchase your products because they view you as someone who’s on their side and understands how to educate them on acquiring what they need correctly.

So if you think it would be helpful, keep reading because you’ll discover how to BOOST your blog entries HERE.

Hello everyone, this is Amit KG. Thanks for coming. In this lesson, you will learn a few crucial strategies to help you write better blog articles.

This is an excellent method How to Write SEO Friendly Article in Blogger captivating people to get more interested in your content and notice more apparent things.

But it’s not some black magic that you can use to force people to give you whatever you want. I know there’s a big misconception because I’ve been studying it for a few years, you see, in reality. It’s just a series of simple psychological techniques that you can use to make your message clearer and easier to understand the self.

Today we’re going to use blog post sequence to enhance the way you teach and structure your blog posts, so this will help your readers understand.

Things are a bit better, so they get better results from reading your stuff. So, this means we’re mainly using this for the benefit of your readers. And I’m going to give you a rundown of the easiest ways to improve your blog posts, and I will list them all for you.

Paragraph and First Heading

You will learn how to write good SEO-friendly titles for your blog post. So let’s start. Suppose you have decided to write a blog post on the “Best Mobile Phones”.

So I will enter the Best Mobile Phones in the Google Search Bar. You will see many results coming. As you can see, many blogs are listed there. All of them are in listicle style like top Five, Top 10.

So what you can do you can copy them one by one and paste in some documents applications like notepad. Copy all of them. Then try to mix them to create a new fresh Heading Title.

If I took these two examples, I could mix them. For example, the Top Best Smartphones you can buy in 2022.

So it could be a very significant title for you to rank, so this is how to write. Very good as your friendly titles are very easy. You can do it very quickly, but you have to ensure that your focus keyword is in the blog post’s title. That is very, very important.

Unique Thumbnail Image Design to Impress Viewers

Canva is an effective design tool that can be used in schools to produce projects that not only wow kids but also assist in teaching them the fundamentals of digital design and it is free for all.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article in Blogger

This will be especially helpful for you if you have been hiring a graphic designer or using Fiverr to have your thumbnails made since Canva has a very short learning curve, and you will be creating your thumbnails on your own in no time.

Use Bullet Point and Table

One important method you may succeed as a blogger is by using bullet points. They help with SEO, blog traffic, page rank, and decrease bounce rates, among other things. A blog that doesn’t contain bulleted blog entries won’t be successful.

There are several benefits to using the table of contents (TOC). Table of contents links are not new in blog posts, but they provide several benefits independent of how search engines incorporate them in SERP. The following are some benefits of a well-planned TOC:

  • Improve the website user experience.
  • Display well-organized and prepared material.
  • Makes it easier to switch between various content sections.
  • CTR from the search should increase
  • Provide a clear and easy road map to visitor.

Optimize Image for Google Ranking Factor

For a time now, Google’s algorithm has included page speed as a ranking element; now, it makes up a larger portion of the ranking factor.

The server calls all the files necessary for a website to load on your screen when you click a link to access it. The bulk of the data that has to be loaded may be made up of photos, depending on how your website is constructed.

When working with a client to increase site performance, one of the first things we do is optimize photos for the web since it may make up a significant amount of what is loading (and slowing the site down). A website loads more quickly the lower the picture file sizes.

Internal and External Link

You must understand the differences between an internal link and an external link, as well as how each might benefit your SEO strategy, in order to have a strong SEO strategy for your website.

Your website’s search visibility and ranking will ultimately be improved by using relevant internal and external links.

FAQ, How to Schema

FAQ schema is code you place on your site that tells search engines, “this content is presented in a question and answer format.”

Why use Related Content in Blog Post

When you visit a website, you often see a list of similar articles after the article, or occasionally it is already visible at the top and bottom of the page. Its goal is to encourage you to browse the website’s other pages rather than simply reading the initial item and leaving. See, if you haven’t already, it may be a fantastic tactic everyone should use now.

However, that’s not all; we still have something to say. And if you want to increase website traffic without experiencing any difficulties while adding the codes for WordPress-related posts, you have come to the right spot to learn about WordPress-related post plugins. Its only responsibility is to keep website visitors interested in their reading content.

Authors Opinion Add to Blog Post

Authors often convey research or another scholar’s perspective. The absence of a viewpoint is as essential. When you spot such a paragraph, you may delete alternatives that describe it as “defending a stance” or “critiquing the technique.”

When the author presents personal thoughts, identify who said what. The author may include an opponent’s viewpoint. Some questions assess if you know which academics hold certain viewpoints.

Again, recognizing that the author is expressing personal thoughts can help you minimize alternatives. “discusses the problem of…” is never valid on a primary concept inquiry when the author has a perspective.

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