What Does a Social Media Marketer Do?

A social media marketer has two primary responsibilities, both of which are detailed in their job description. First, they need to grow the number of followers the business has on various social media platforms. Second, they need to get those followers to interact with posts on those same platforms in ways that bring value to the business itself and its products or services.

These are two different jobs with two separate skill sets, so your social media marketer must have experience in both areas if you want your marketing campaign to succeed.

Who is Social Media Marketer?

 Social media marketer is someone who helps companies to create and manage social media accounts and content.

They work with marketing departments to develop and execute social media campaigns and work with customers to understand their needs and interests.

They may also work with SEO specialists to improve the visibility of a company’s website and content across search engines.

Monitor Social Media

Monitoring social media channels is essential for all marketers – not just social media marketers. Traditional marketers need to check in on what’s being said about their company on Twitter, Facebook, and beyond to maximize their effectiveness.

But monitoring social is just one of many jobs that fall under a social media marketer’s umbrella. The social media marketer title can be broken down into three main areas: strategy, community management, and content creation.

Write Content, Collaborate with other writers.

The bulk of your job as a social media marketer will likely revolve around creating high-quality content. That could mean helping put together white papers, blogs, and newsletters.

It could also mean writing content designed to encourage sharing on social platforms (like Facebook or Twitter).

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing; most brands should be creating at least several pieces of high-quality content every day.

In addition to creating new content for your company’s various profiles, you’ll need to make sure that you’re collaborating with other writers and ensuring that everything is consistent across platforms. Be sure to keep an eye on analytics, too;

  • what is resonating with your audience and why?
  • What isn’t working so well?

Social media marketers may have a hand in developing social campaigns, but they also work hard behind-the-scenes making sure their company’s social presence is growing by leaps and bounds.

5 Ways to Find a Social Media Marketing Jobs from Home

Post Videos on Facebook and YouTube

One of my favorite questions to ask aspiring social-media marketers is:

Do you have videos on your personal Facebook page or your own YouTube channel that others can watch and share?

The correct answer is an enthusiastic yes. Here’s why: Every time you post a video on YouTube or Facebook (assuming it’s appropriate and legal to post it there), your potential employers can see what you look like, hear how you sound, and get an idea of how engaging you are.

Promote Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is all about getting your content and information out there for people to see. It’s about taking advantage of social networking to promote brands and products and increase traffic to websites.

So, what you’ll be doing as a social media marketer is using your creative and strategic skills to develop unique ways to get people talking about or interacting with your company.

Manage PPC Campaigns

While you don’t need to be an expert at all aspects of managing PPC campaigns, knowing some basic terminology and understanding how it works will help you work better with your manager.

In simple terms, Pay-Per-Click is any campaign that allows advertisers to pay for a visitor or click on their ad when it appears in Google search results or one of our partner websites.

Create Profiles on Other Platforms (Pinterest, Reddit,…)

Your business may be primarily active on one social network, but it can’t hurt to get started in others. Posting your content in different places will expose you to a new audience and help build brand awareness, essential for attracting new customers.

Make sure your branding is consistent across platforms to avoid confusing potential buyers. Start by getting started on Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Measure Results and Turn Insights into Actionable Data

Marketers today aren’t just expected to know how to create and distribute content; they also need to be able to measure if it’s working. Understanding what your audience wants is critical for your success.

No matter how well-thought-out or relevant your content is, it’s all for naught if you don’t measure its impact and turn that insight into actionable data.

Job Responsibilities

A social media marketer has a lot of responsibilities. The role of marketing in today’s business world is ever-changing, meaning that it’s essential to stay on top of trends and new advancements in technology to gain an edge over competitors.

Here are some of your duties as an SMM

  • Analyze results and gather information from previous campaigns.
  • Determine what strategies will work best for each platform.
  • Create compelling content that people want to share.
  • Establish long-term goals for campaign strategies rather than short-term gains
  • Be knowledgeable about best practices across all platforms and channels, including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Top Skills Required

Adaptability, creativity, people skills. On-the-job solid training and support from supervisors will be necessary for this role. Top Skills Required: Adaptability, creativity, people skills. On-the-job solid training and support from supervisors will be essential for this role.

A Day in the Life

A social media marketer is responsible for managing different aspects of a company’s online presence, including its marketing, branding, and outreach.

A typical day can look quite different depending on their company and specific responsibilities, but most start with checking how things are progressing with current projects.

It might be looking at analytics reports to see what’s working and what isn’t or monitoring conversation within relevant communities. Then it might be devising strategies for upcoming events or campaigns.


Today’s businesses need to use marketing strategies to stay competitive. Social media is quickly becoming one of their most effective tools. A social media marketer, who may also be referred to as an online community manager or web content strategist, develops and manages company-sponsored Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other social networking sites.

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