Cleaning the Computer Components and other peripherals will keep the equipment in good condition can stop the spread of germs.

If you look at the inside computer, it's evident that the accumulation of dirt and dust will hinder circulation of air and can even hinder the fan from operating properly.

Here some things you might require or would like to make use of while cleaning your computer. Cloth Acohol or Water Portable Vacuum Swabs of Cotton Foam Swabs

Cloth Cotton cloths are the ideal tool to use when you rub down components of computers. Paper towels are compatible with almost any hardware, but we suggest using a cloth when it is feasible.

Alcohol or water when dampening a cloth, is recommended to use alcohol or water. Other solvents can be hazardous for the plastics you use with your computer.

Portable Vacuum - Sucking dirt, dust, hair cigarettes, cigarette dust, and other particles from computers is one of the most efficient ways to clean a computer.

Swabs of cotton which are moistened by water or rubbing alcohol make ideal for wiping difficult to reach places on your mouse, keyboard as well as other areas.

Foam Swabs If you can it is best to use lint-free swabs, such as ones made of foam.

While cleaning, if notice ventilation slots, these could be clean or removed to ensure that airflow is constant into the computer, and also ensure that all components are kept cool.

Methodology: The plastic case which contains the components of your PC may be cleaned using a damp, lint-free, cloth.

Check that all ventilation holes and vents are clean and lint-free by applying an oiled cloth over the vents and holes. It's also useful to vacuum each vent, hole and crevice on the computer.

To clean the CD-ROM drive, we suggest buying a CD-ROM cleaner at your local retailer of computers. The use of a CD-ROM cleaner will effectively clean the laser on the CD-ROM from dirt, dust and hair.

If the headphones are made of vinyl or plastic use a damp cloth soaked in warm water and then rub the earpieces and head in the headset.

Before cleaning the keyboard, turn off your computer. If you're using the USB keyboard,, disconnect it from your computer.

Unlike a CRT computer monitor, an LCD or LED monitor is not made of glass and needs special cleaning techniques.

A glass monitor screen can be cleaned using the use of a glass cleaner that is common to household use.

Our recommendation when cleaning the motherboard of dirt, dust or hair , is to make use of compressed air.

Use a can of compressed air specifically made for use with electronic equipment. Spray all around the optical sensors at beneath the mouse.

Printer - Make sure that you turned off the printer. Wet a clean cloth with water or rubbing alcohol, then clean the printer's case as well as each of the knobs and buttons that are on the printer.

Clean a flatbed scanner's surface using a window cleaner on a cloth or cotton, and wipe the glass until it is clean. Like we said earlier, don't spray liquid directly on the part.