Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly decision. Below is a listing of helpful suggestions on what to look for and what to ask when purchasing a new computer.

When you purchase a new computer, it is quite likely that you're likely to have an concept of what you might want from the computer, or of how you'd like to customize the computer.

Case The chassis or case is often not considered when purchasing the latest computer.

CD media Today, most modern computers come with disc burners built-in to the computer. If you plan to create DVD's or CD's, make sure the computer is compatible with it.

Hard Drive The hard drive is the main part of your computer to store Data & final. Be sure to choose the maximun storage hard drive space to improve your performance of the computer.

Memory Memory is among the most important buying choices for a computer. The more memory you have in your computer, the greater the efficiency the computer will be capable of running.

Modem Depending on the way you intend to connect via your Internet the Modem might not be as essential to your buying decision.

Processor The processor in a computer will always be among the most important aspects to consider when buying a computer.

Sound card The standard audio cards that come in computers are adequate for most computer users.

Video card To play games on computers, the video card has been one of the primary elements that determines the processor and memory.

Warranty We recommend that a laptop or computer should be considered only if it comes with at least one year of warranty. Most cheap computers come with a 90-day limited warranty.