Finally, Windows 10 users can get in on the offline, binge-watching fun. Netflix added the ability to download TV shows and movies to its mobile apps last year.

Now it has rolled out offline viewing to Windows 10 laptops and PCs, making it possible to binge watch Netflix on your laptop when you are on a Wi-Fi-less flight or otherwise offline.

To download shows and movies for offline use on a Windows 10 machine, you first need to download the free Netflix app from the Windows Store; you can’t download anything with Netflix’s web client.

Netflix does not make its entire library available for download, but much of it is. The easiest way to see which shows and movies are available for download is to tap or....

click the menu button in the top left and choose Available for Download. For movies and other single-episode items, 

For TV episodes, you’ll see just the down-arrow button for each episode. you’ll see a down-arrow button with the word Download when you tap or click on a thumbnail to expand it.

To view all of the shows and movies you have downloaded, click the menu button and chose My Downloads.

You’ll see all of your downloads and the file size of each show or movie.

To delete a show, you can expand a show and click the Downloaded button, which will call up a small pop-up window with a Delete Download button.

You can also click the pencil icon in the top right of the main My Downloads view,

tap or click to select items to delete, and then tap or click the trash can icon in the top right to delete them.