Here you will know How to Get Traffic to your Blog from day one. Yes, if you have got the approval of Google AdSense and you are struggling for traffic on your website here, then keep reading this further.

I am 100% sure, and I have tried this method, and all these methods are working on me absolutely, so that it will work on you too. You need to work. Many people do not work and think we should get the result.

You have to come to Google Search Console, and you have come to the Performance tab. When you come to performance, you will get the search result in performance. Come to the result, and you will go down here and get many queries.

So these are the queries that people are searching on Google and are reaching your website, then if you are earning clicks, there will be some keywords on which you have not worked, yet you are coming in the search.

You have to create Google Web Stories. So you can see it here. I have made those stories too. The story is made here only and I will take you in the performance and here in the Search Discover.

Many people think that all our web stories will be indexed; no, it is not so. Not all your web stories are indexed. There will be an index, and there will be no index.

There is a method like a web story: as soon as you work, you start getting traffic from day one, so you must work on web stories. It’s best to drive traffic right to your site, so they’ll make a story.

You have to get the approval of Google News. Now to get the approval of Google News, I have written a full article that how you can get the approval of Google News.

By taking its approval from Google, it will be beneficial that as soon as you write a post, it will be indexed in Google immediately, and if your authority is good, then it will be on the first or second page.

Get news approval. But they don’t get traffic. Because they not submit a news sitemap, and at the same time, they cannot write articles in the news category and fresh article.

If you want to get traffic in Google new place, then write a fresh article, don’t copy paste at all, and from regular four or five articles, you know that in Google News, if you want traffic from news, then a lot of content should go on your site daily.

And at the same time, you keep multiple authors, the news website will give you traffic only when you have multiple authors on your site; only then you will feel that yes, this is a news website, well then do this work, you will definitely start getting traffic from the news too.

Make sure to make backlinks and do internal linking. Internal linking also increases your page views. If there is a random redirect from one post to another, then from there, your page will also increase, and at the same time, your bounce rate will decrease.

Just do this much work; you will definitely start getting traffic from Google from day one here and other things I told you. And tell me how you liked the cow video by commenting; start work from today itself.