Microsoft says Outlook Lite for Android will be available later this month, giving a leaner version of Outlook for low-end handsets.

Browsing the Microsoft 365 Roadmap often yields a plethora of intriguing glimpses into Microsoft's intentions for Office applications in the next months.

Microsoft acknowledged the release of a special edition of Outlook for Android in a recent roadmap update. The Outlook Lite app will concentrate on functionality for low-end smartphones.

Because of Android's open nature and position as the most popular/used operating system in the world, it has millions of users on low-cost devices.

In reality, the vast majority of Android users are using low-end or low-spec handsets.

Outlook isn't the most demanding software, but low-end devices may struggle. Outlook Lite preserves the email client's main functionalities while concentrating on efficiency.

Users who need a less demanding version of Outlook may download the Lite editions from any network.

Microsoft does not specify in the roadmap which features will be included in the complete Outlook and which will be excluded.

The trimmed-down version will undoubtedly include standard functions such as Calendar and Mail tools. After all, they are at the heart of the Outlook experience.

Concept Lite Microsoft appears to recognise that offering less demanding versions of its services may open up new markets. Android users already have access to Skype Lite.

Other Internet behemoths, such as Spotify, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Firefox, already have light versions.

According to Microsoft's plan, Outlook Lite will be available globally later this month. It will be available for download via the Google Play Store.

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