Secure Exam Browser is a software that turns any computer temporarily into a secure workstation, which will help you when you are doing an e-assessment.

It encrypts your browser traffic so that third parties can't track your activities, and it provides a secure browsing experience that protects your privacy.

Today, web browsers are used more than ever to access information online. But with all the security risks that come with online activity, it’s important to make sure your browser is secure.

Most important features is its ability to protect your private information. By default, most browsers encrypt your browsing data so that it cannot be read by unauthorized individuals. 

Phishing is a common attack tactic where an unauthorized person tricks you into providing them with your confidential information.

Most browsers will warn you before you enter any personal information on a website that may be phished. This helps protect you from being tricked into giving away your personal information.

Many mobile browsers use the same security features as their desktop counterparts, but there are still risks associated with mobile browsing. 

To be safe, you should always use a secured browser like Google Chrome or Safari (on iOS) on your mobile device to access the internet.

There are a few different options for secure exam browsers. Some of the more popular options include: Safari Secure, ChromeSecure, and Firefox Secure.