Most of us do not have portable alarm clocks that we can take on trips, nor do we have typical clock radios in our homes.   

 Your smartphone may be used to execute this activity if you need to be awakened from sleep at a specified time, 

but any device running Windows 10 can also do it. The built-in Windows 10 alarm clock app may be set up by following the steps in the instructions below.

First, open the Alarm & Clock programme by searching for it in the Start menu or on the taskbar.

After the Alarm & Clock app has been launched, choose the Alarm tab located in the left pane of the app’s interface. The Timer tab is selected when it is first opened.

At this point, click the icon labelled “Add an alarm. When you open the following flyout by clicking the Add an alarm button, you will be able to set the time that the alarm will go off.

You may even label the alarm, as seen in the photo below, and choose a sound from a list of available sounds to play when the alarm goes off.

To create an alarm that goes off at the same time each day, you must first check the “Repeat alarm” box and then choose the days of the week.

Clicking the Save button at the end of Step 5 will finally set the alarm with the previously selected time and settings.

Any alarms you set will continue to sound even if the computer goes to sleep. When it's time to set your alarm, Free Alarm Clock will wake up your computer, even if it's presently dozing off.

Tap the Start button, choose Alarms & Clock from the list of available applications, or type the name of the app into the search bar to launch it.

 The alarms and timers will still work even if the app is closed or your smartphone is locked.

Alarms & Clock is a time management application that is included with Windows and Windows 10 Mobile.