Search engine optimization (SEO), or something similar, is what you were searching for. We're glad that you came here to learn about SEO, regardless of whether you used Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SEO is about optimizing your website for these factors.

You can increase your SEO by using different strategies, such as keyword research, content creation and page speed optimization.

Search engine companies create ranking factors that relevant content for a particular search. But, before a search engine can identify the most relevant content it must crawl it and index it.

Crawling Search engines use crawling in order to find and re-discover pages on the internet. Spiders , also called crawlers , use links to find and re-discover new content.

Indexing Search engines use indexing in order to store web content and deliver it through search results. Indexing happens after crawling.

While most pages will be indexed by search engines, spammy, blocked or duplicate pages are less likely to get in the index.

After crawling and indexing are complete, search engines will evaluate pages against their ranking factors. – Speed – Profile for Backlink – Use keywords – Mobile-friendliness – More

There are two types of search Organic and Paid. Organic Search is Free and  Paid search is paid. You can submit a search to search engines to see both paid and organic results.

Different Types of Search Engine

SEO tactics can be divided into three groups:

On-page Search: All off-page SEO strategies take place on your website.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization: All SEO strategies take place off your website.

This is why backlinking and internal linking are so important to SEO.

Your site should be more trustworthy and friendly to search engines as well as users.

Technical Search: All strategies take place on your website's front end.

White hat SEO: This SEO strategy follows best practices and uses user-focused to optimize your site. White-hat SEO include creating unique article, page speed and add keywords naturally.

SEO Black-hat: A SEO strategy uses disapproved, spammy strategies to optimize your site. These include buying backlinks and copying content from other websites.