Microsoft has made available Windows 11 Build 22000.706 to Insiders registered via the Preview Channel. This update brings a lot of improvements for likely to be made available to the general public.

Windows 11 improved your Family Safety verification experience for your child's account when you submit an inquiry for additional screen time.

Windows spotlight on your desktop lets the world shine on your desktop by displaying new everyday background images. With this feature, the latest photos will  appear as backgrounds for your screen.

Fixed a problem that caused an Input ( TextInputHost.exe) application to cease working.

Resolved a bug within searchindexer.exe that affects the search results for shapes in Microsoft Visio.

Win_11 stopped users from bypassing the forced participation by disconnecting to the Internet after they sign into Azure Active Directory (AAD).

We addressed a glitch that could cause the AnyCPU app as a 32-bit program.

Fixed a problem which could cause the system to cease responding after the user logs out.

We resolved a bug that blocks Azure's Desired States Configuration (DSC) situations with several partial configurations from working in the way we expected.

We have fixed a problem that affected remote procedure calls (RPC) to Win32_User and Win32_Group WMI class.

Fixed a glitch that can occur when you add an authorized user, computer that has a one-way trust. The error message "The object selected doesn't match the type of destination source" is shown.

Resolved a bug which prevents us from showing an Application Counters section in the performance reports generated by the Performance Monitor tool.

Fixed a bug that causes the display to not maintain brightness of the display after changing your display's mode.

Resolved a bug that may affect certain applications which use d3d9.dll with certain graphics cards. This could cause the apps to quit abruptly.

Fixed a bug that affected the IE frame in the mode window.

Fixed a glitch that affected Group Policy templates.

Fixed a problem which prevents internet shortcuts updating.

Fixed a bug that causes users to experience a black screen after they sign in and out Windows.

Fixed a bug which causes the Input Method Editor (IME) to erase a character if you type the character when the IME converts previous text.

Fixed an issue which affects our Desktop Duplication API, which alters the display's orientation and causes an image of black to appear in the display.

Fixed a bug which causes print errors when an application with low integrity (LowIL) software prints from a non-null port.

Fixed a bug which prevents BitLocker from encryption when you choose the encryption option that is silent.

Fixed a problem which causes an error message when you execute scripts while Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) is enabled.

Fixed a problem that can occur when you apply several WDAC policies. In this way, you could block scripts from running if the policies permit scripts to run.