Microsoft has been under the radar regarding the privacy and security of the Windows OS for a long Time. 

The tech giant has been facing such issues since the introduction of Windows 10.

However, the company has now decided to take a more positive step towards the redressal of such issues with a new feature for windows 11 users.

Microsoft is testing a new privacy tool that will allow Windows 11 users to keep an eye on the overall security of their PC's.

The company is now testing the Privacy Auditing feature that will notify users about applications that have recently tried to access sensitive hardware like - Microphones and Webcams.

David Weston, Microsoft’s VP for Enterprise and OS Security shared a tweet from his official Twitter account to demonstrate this new Windows 11 feature.

Currently, this feature has been released with a new preview build of Windows 11, reports TechRadar. The report adds that the new build is now being tested in the Dev Channel.

Microsoft has included this feature under the Settings menu where users can find the option in Privacy & security under the App permissions option.

Here users will be able to see a list of recent activities performed by different applications.

This list will show which apps have accessed sensitive hardware like microphones and cameras in the past week.

Moreover, it will also flag any potentially suspicious activity by keeping track of the apps that have accessed users’ contacts, location details, phone calls and more.

Users will also be able to identify the exact time and date of the access made to the hardware by any app.

The Privacy Auditing feature is expected to track a wide range of activities that will include applications’ access to sensitive hardware as well as contacts and other details.

This feature will offer users transparency about the intentions of individual apps on their PCs.

Regular privacy audits can help users to point out the apps that are trying to affect vulnerable aspects of their systems.