Whether you're using your computer for work or your personal life, it's a good time to master some of Windows 11's productivity features. 

These built-in tricks can help you do everything from setting up Taskbar shortcuts to saving battery power.

Microsoft isn't typically as upfront about its hidden features in the same way that Apple tends to be, which can sometimes make it more difficult.

But we've got you covered here with our list of hidden features you can start using right now to get the most out of Windows 11.

No matter which Microsoft, Dell, HP or other Windows compatible rig you have, these clever tips will help you stay organized and get more done.

Here's everything you need to know about Windows 11, the best features in Windows 11 and how it compares to Windows 10. 


Minimize every window except the active one

If your desktop screen has gotten too crowded with open windows, you can quickly minimize them all except the one you are currently working in. 

You know that to get to the Start menu, you hit the Windows icon in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen or on your keyboard, but Windows 11 includes a lesser-known second Start menu.


If you want to capture and save a picture of your entire screen, the easiest way is to hit the Windows key + Print Screen key, and that picture will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.


Open pinned items from Taskbar ith keyboard shortcuts - use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + [Number key], with the number key corresponding to the position of the pinned program on the Taskbar.


To see how much space apps, temporary files and documents are taking up, navigate to Settings > System > Storage. Tap Show more categories to see a full list.


To control apps running in the background and save some battery power and data, go to Settings > System > Power & battery. Tap Battery saver and then adjust when battery saver turns on and background activity.


Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Mouse, and toggle Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them to On. Then you can place your mouse over a window that's in the background and use the scroll wheel to scroll.


To Show file Extension in File Explorer. Open File Explorer > View Tab > Click File Name Extension check box. 


Minimize distraction with focus assist - Set it up by going to Settings > System > Focus assist. Choose from three options: Off Priority only and Alarms only.