5 Brilliant Ways To Use Wifi Direct Windows 10

WiFi Direct Windows 10 – Wireless networks WiFi Direct Windows 10 are very important today. Most connections are made over WiFi. Wired connectivity has become the background, primarily due to the increase in mobile devices and the improvement of WiFi networks.

However, you cannot simply surf the Internet with these types of connections. For example, you can use WiFi technology to transfer files.

In this article, WiFi Direct Windows 10. Learn how to check if your device is compatible and usable.

What is WiFi Direct Windows 10?

Let’s start with a description of WiFi Direct Windows 10 and there is. It is a technology that allows you to create a WiFi connection from one computer to another without using a router.

As mentioned above, you are not connected to the Internet. You are allowed to transfer files between these devices.

This is a technology very similar to Bluetooth. It is also present on many mobile devices and desktops.

An increasing number of devices are compatible with this technology. This is not news, because it has been with us for a long time.

In other words, WiFi Direct is used to connect devices to each other and transfer files and information.

Windows 10 computers are currently compatible with this technology and only need other devices to connect.

However, not all of them are compatible, so here’s how to check if your Windows 10 PC is WiFi Direct Windows 10 compatible.

How to find out if your Device Supports WiFi Direct

Windows 10 is the most widely used desktop operating system today. It offers a wide range of possibilities and is equipped with a wide variety of software.

It is interesting to know if it is compatible with a certain technology or software. In this case, you will know the following: Windows 10 computers are compatible with WiFi Direct.

The process of checking your Windows 10 PC’s compatibility with the WiFi Direct is very simple. The operating system itself provides this information via the command line.

Just enter the command and find the data you want.

So, the first step we’ll take is the command line. Go to Start, create a command line, and run it in administrator mode. You must enter the ipconfig / all command to run it.

There you will see a wealth of data and information regarding connectivity and available equipment.

In this case, I’m interested in looking for a Microsoft WiFi Direct adapter. If you find this phrase in all the data you see, it means that your Windows 10 computer is WiFi Direct Windows 10 compatible.

Wifi-Direct Windows 10

Keep in mind that more and more devices support WiFi technology. There are many possibilities for what is called an IoT device or the Internet of things. These are all the computers that are connected to your home network. When it comes to computers, WiFi Direct windows 10 diagrams keep growing these days.

As you can see, this is a very simple and quick process that you need to go through to find out if your Windows 10 device is WiFi Direct Windows 10 compatible. You will know in seconds if this is so.

How to turn on wifi direct windows 10

From here, I will introduce in order how to set WiFi Direct Windows 10.

The setting method can be easily performed by following the steps below.

  • Set the compatible device to [WiFi Direct mode]
  • Make a note of the [ID] and [Password] displayed in WiFi Direct mode.
    * The ID may be displayed as SSID / network name, and the password may be displayed as security key / WPA key.
  • Click the WiFi mark (fan mark) on your computer
  • Select the [ID] displayed in WiFi Direct mode
  • Enter the password you wrote down
  • Click [Next]

Wifi Direct Windows 10 to TV

If you connect your computer and TV wirelessly using WiFi Direct, you can transfer images from your computer to your TV wirelessly.

For example, you can listen to YouTube videos and movies / dramas downloaded from video distribution services on your big TV screen.

In addition, many people use it because it can be used to output images saved on a computer to a TV.

If you can watch a video on TV that you could only see on your computer, you can listen to it with a lot of people, which is very convenient.

Like a printer, you don’t need to connect it with a cable, and you don’t need to put your computer and TV close to each other.

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Wifi Direct Windows 10 Printer

With WiFi Direct Windows 10, you can easily print computer images with a printer.

If you want to print an image on your computer using a printer, you need to plug in the cable, which is often a little annoying.

Also, due to space constraints, many people store their computers and printers in different locations.

In such a case, you can easily connect your computer to the printer using WiFi Direct Windows 10.

There is no need to connect a cable and data can be sent even when the computer and printer are separated.

Even those who have connection problems and have saved the image data on their computer can easily print to the printer.

Please try to easily print important images at any time you like.

Wifi Direct Password Windows 10

For any device, check the SSID and password on a compatible device such as a TV or printer, and then connect to the SSID confirmed in WiFi settings from another device.

More and more Devices Support This Technology

This is a technology that allows you to quickly send data between devices. You don’t have to be in the same room nor do you have to physically connect with cables. Besides computers and cell phones, you can find it on printers, cameras, and scanners there are many devices that can use this technology.

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