World High Speed Internet Record: Reach 44,200 Gbps

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World High Speed Internet Record: Reach 44,200 Gbps– Internet use has multiplied over the past few months, with research teams recording the world’s fastest internet speed from a chip that can download 1000 high-definition movies per split second at a speed of 44.2 terabit data per second from a light source. Spain, one of the world’s largest fiber-optic transplant countries, is one of the world’s fastest-growing Internet providers. It has 44.2 TBPS (Terabit per second), or 44,200 Gbps.
World High Speed Internet Record: Reach 44,200 Gbps
World High-Speed Internet Record: Reach 44,200 Gbps

This is the fastest internet service in the world, which is enough to download 1000 HD movies in a split second using an optical chip. Which has the potential to increase the world’s internet speed. It has been tested on fiber broadband in Australia.

According to scientists, the speed has been achieved by integrating broadband internet networks and fiber-optic technologies with their new devices.

Using this technology, millions of people around the world have the ability to support high-speed Internet connections. Experts hope that it can be used for super-fast data, self-driving cars, medicine, education, and more.

According to reports, the new technology, which is actually an optical chip that is as small as a finger, has already been tested on an existing fiber broadband line in Australia.

The important thing about this news is not only the pace at which they have been achieved but also how they have done it Normally high-speed networks use 80 lasers that transmit light that carries information through fiber optics. But this new technology uses a small single chip

Combining all the data transmitted by these hundreds of microlenses at the same time through optical fiber has reached a record internet speed of 44.2 Tbps.

Here we have to believe that the network can be the backbone in the field of communication in the future and 5G connectivity always requires a fast network.

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