How to Find Wow Screenshot Folder In PC

Wow Screenshot Folder

Wow Screenshot Folder: When creating business documents, you may need to convert the “computer screen” into an image file and insert it into the document. A “computer screen saved as an image file” is called a “screenshot.” This time I will show you how easy it is to take this screenshot in Windows.


Take a picture using the [Windows] key + [Print Screen] key

With this method, the screenshot of the entire desktop is saved as an image file in the picture folder of the PC the moment you press the [Windows] key + [Print Screen] key. It’s very useful when you just want a screenshot right away.

  1. On the screen, you want to save, press the [Windows] key + [Print Screen] key at the same time.
    • If the [Print Screen] key is not a single unit on a notebook PC, etc., press the [Windows] key + [Fn] key + [Prt Scr] key at the same time.
  2. Click “Explorer”-> “PC”-> “Pictures” to open the “Screenshots” file folder, and the screenshots will be saved automatically.


Use the [Windows] key + [Shift] key + [S] key to start “Cut & Sketch” and take a picture.

This method takes a screenshot by activating the tool called “Cut & Sketch” installed in “Windows 10 October 2018 Update” with a shortcut key. You can also specify the area, so it is recommended when you want to omit unnecessary parts.

Press the [Windows] key + [Shift] key + [S] key at the same time to start “Cut & Sketch”. (The screen dims when you start it.)

You can also start “Cut & Sketch” by searching from the search field on the taskbar.

Click the “New” button.

Drag the cursor to the part you want to save on the screen to enclose it. Then, the notification screen will be displayed at the bottom right, so click on it.

Four. You can save the screen by clicking the “Save” mark on the upper right.

Save with “Cut & Sketch”

Take a picture using the standard (Wow Screenshot Folder )Windows application “Snipping Tool”

With this method, you are free to take a wow screenshot folder using a tool called “Snipping Tool” that was originally included in Windows. The evolution of this “Snipping Tool” is the above-mentioned “cutting & sketching”. It needs to be launched instead of a shortcut key, but there is also a delayed screenshot that can be taken after a specified time, which is useful.

Click the Start menu → Windows Accessories → Snipping Tool.

When “Snipping Tool” starts, select the shape you want to cut from “Mode”.
You can also take a screenshot after 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc. by clicking on the delay.

Drag the cursor to the part you want to save on the screen to enclose it.

Four. After dragging, the window below will appear automatically.
You can save the image by clicking “File”-> “Save As”.

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Take a picture with the [Print Screen] key, process and save it with the application

You can save the Wow screenshot Folder to the clipboard by pressing the [Print Screen] key. You can take a full screen by pressing it alone, or you can take a picture of only the front window by pressing the [Alt] key at the same time.
Screenshots saved on the clipboard can be pasted into paint or various applications for processing or saving as a file.

On the screen you want to save, press the [Print Screen] key ([Print Screen] key + [Alt] key to take only the front window).

If the [Print Screen] key is not a single unit, press the [Fn] key + [Prt Scr] key at the same time.

Start “Paint” in Windows.
You can find it by searching for “paint” from the search field on the taskbar.

When Paint starts, click Paste.
Alternatively, press the [Ctrl] key + [V] key at the same time.

Four. You can save it as an image file by pressing “File”-> “Save As”.
In addition to painting, it is also possible to paste directly into Word, Excel, etc.

Save screenshots to OneDrive

If you’re a user of Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, it’s also useful to set screenshots to be stored on OneDrive. This is a feature that allows you to store the screenshots you take on a OneDrive server on the Internet.

If you enable automatic saving to OneDrive, the screenshot will be automatically saved as a png format image file in the OneDrive folder when you press “PrintScreen” only or “Alt” + “PrintScreen” at the same time. Will be done.

OneDrive can also be used on PCs connected to the Internet, smartphones and tablets, so it is convenient when you want to view screenshots from multiple terminals.

If you’re using OneDrive, you can even automatically save screenshots to OneDrive. Right-click the cloud-shaped icon in the task tray and select “Settings”.

When the OneDrive setting screen is displayed, display the “AutoSave” tab, check “Automatically save the created screenshot to OneDrive”, and click “OK”.

If you take a screenshot with the “Print Screen” key or the “Alt” + “Print Screen” keys in this state, the image will be automatically saved in the OneDrive folder in .png format.


So far, I have explained how Screenshot folder to take 4 screenshots that can be done with windows 10. The [Windows] key + [Print Screen] key method, which allows you to instantly file the screen contents with a shortcut key, is convenient because there is no other software required, so you can use it on your temporary computer.

On the other hand, when using screenshots Folder as illustrations or image materials for texts, it is more convenient to save them in a clipboard instead of a file, so it is a good idea to remember how to take a picture with the [Print Screen] key.

Saving the screen of your computer makes it easier to share information and is useful in various situations, so please take advantage of it.

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