Delta Computer Systems: A History of Innovation

Delta Computer Systems: Since 1981, Delta has been helping county governments meet their computing needs. Close to 100 counties across the southeast depend on Delta software.

Delta is committed to providing the best product for the least possible cost. To this end, we have developed an extensive set of automated programming tools. These tools give our development programmers a six-fold productivity advantage over conventional development techniques. Our development tools let us track the millions of lines of code in our library.

Laws change. Your needs change. Our automated development environment makes it easy for us to update our applications in order to meet those changing needs. Our experienced developers are computer experts who know the local government. And we work closely with state regulatory agencies. That’s why our accounting system received a Certificate of Compliance from the Government Financial Officers Association.

A History of Innovation

Delta was founded in 1979 when IBM left software development. We won contracts for state and local government agencies in the Southeast. And we grew. We kept on growing. We began developing and integrating software solutions to new problems and new opportunities.

Our developments improved customer service. Our products reduced or eliminated waste. And our products took our customers into the future. Our expertise in local government and its needs led us to develop products for state and local governments.

State Government: Solutions to State Government’s Most Unresolved Problems

Delta Computer Systems is the exclusive provider of e-Governance solutions to the Alabama Office of Information Technology.

Our Commitment to Low Cost

  1. The average municipal fiscal budget is about $20 million, but some public entities spend up to 50 percent of the budget on computer and technology.
  2. As a cooperative, we are part of a nationwide network of municipal software houses.
  3. About 70 percent of our budget is spent on license and maintenance fees. Our license fees are the lowest in the industry.
  4. We are a non-profit software organization.
  5. Our most popular products include local government budgeting software, service planning software, voter registration software, building inspection software and GIS software.
  6. By late 2007 we expect to have made more than 300 changes to our products.

Development Tools

Developing Software That Can Update Quickly
In the computer world, it is important to be as nimble as possible. To stay on top of your competition, your software needs to be able to keep up.

And a fast, accurate accounting system is not cheap. In today’s cut-throat environment, many small governments find it difficult to fund their accounting system programs. To meet this need, Delta Computer System designed the AvantPayre accounting system to be very economical to run.

In the case of AvantPayre, the cost was actually quite low. According to the Federal Election Commission, AvantPayre costs only 5 cents per election for new registrations. Even though we made a substantial contribution to our projects by donating labor, we’re still able to offer our customers a great product at an affordable price.

The Delta Advantage

Through its company-owned development center in Smyrna, TN, Delta Computer Systems has the resources needed to develop and support enterprise systems that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the local government. We are known for responsive, innovative, high-quality service. We’re also one of the fastest-growing suppliers of software for government agencies. Our offices and services are available in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.

The Future

We are still in the early stages of information technology. Many of our products are “see-through” – they are both easy to use and provide the data people need. Delta will continue to improve and offer new products and services as needed.

How Delta Uses Automation to Enhance Productivity

We’re all familiar with the claim that everyone can write software. But what if you had hundreds of programmers, each working on the same code, and their productivity is determined by various factors such as how many hours they’ve spent writing code, the speed of their typing, or the number of errors in the code.

Instead of having programmers produce hundreds of copies of the same code, you would build automated systems to replace what is repetitive, repeatable, or monotonous and have the programmers produce only as much code as is needed. And the programmers could work on another task, perhaps one more complex.

How Delta Software Works

In the past, a county’s IT staff might have had to manually monitor and manage computers, databases, printers, and other peripheral devices. Now, we do all that for you. Our standard offerings include desktop, server, client, and Internet applications.

Innovations in Accounting Software

County government accounting is a challenging, competitive environment. Governments strive to keep payroll, provide for sales tax collection and build a budget. All of this can be done with limited staff and reduced budgets.

The Accounting Information Management System (AIMS) simplifies this process, making local government accounting more efficient and cost-effective.

Working in conjunction with a state agency, AIMS automates the process of recording transactions. It collects information from multiple sources and combines it into an accurate, up-to-date, and consistent accounting record.

AIMS accomplish this all while saving money and streamlining government functions.

AIMS can provide county governments with a proven cost-effective method for recording and storing transactions.

A Commitment to Quality and Value

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional computer system. With the flexibility to handle the most demanding of computing needs, we’ve delivered products for 25 years that have enabled tens of thousands of local governments to transform their government operations.

Delta employs over 1,000 computer professionals in offices throughout North America. Our development staff is also located at our headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, the location of Delta’s Nondigital Innovation Center (NIC), and in offices in New York City, Vancouver, Chicago, and Orange County, California.

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Weighted the decision of this investment to make sure it would deliver exceptional value to the customers.


It is no secret that technology has shaped the needs of county governments. Having the latest technology improves efficiency and security. In addition to efficiency and security, technology also enhances transparency. By measuring performance and the performance of the underlying software, county governments can understand and address issues such as fraud, waste, and abuse.

There are several examples of how Delta Computer Systems has revolutionized local government. In 1999, counties in South Carolina took a leadership role in expanding the Internet to public schools. Then, in 2002, the City of Atlanta began using Delta programs to manage the city’s streetlights. Now, Atlanta’s streetlight program is the largest of its kind in the nation.

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