How to Make Programs Open and Run Faster on a Windows 10 PC

Learn How to Make Programs Open and Run Faster on a Windows 10 PC. When you open any program on your computer, it takes time to open or a little bit unresponsive. 

I’ll be  showing you how to make apps and  programs open and load faster  on windows 10 pc or laptop.

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These methods should help decrease loading times on your apps and  games, and we’ll be covering methods that help  both all apps and some of the specific  ones that you choose.

Some of the methods may or may not help so feel free to skip some of them and even revert the changes you’ve made.

We’ll be covering enough possible  solutions that hopefully at least a few  of them will help.

Make Programs Open and Run Faster on a Windows

Let’s get into the methods I’ll be  assuming that none of your apps and  programs have  any problems causing them to take a  while to load but if you think that is  the case  then i would recommend reinstalling or  repairing the program.

Also there is a chance that viruses  could be causing problems so make sure you have scanned your pc.

Moving on  the first thing to try is to make sure that there aren’t any other programs using the resources of your hardware, that could be affecting the app you want  to open.

This will be most noticeable just after  starting your pc  up.

There are two things we can do for  this.

Disable Startup Programe

First we’ll turn off some of these  start-up applications that will run automatically when you start your PC.

To do this head to the task manager you can get there by right-clicking on the  taskbar  and then by choosing the task manager.

In the  task manager find the tab called startup.

It should be  the fourth option  and click on it to show the list of all the applications that will run  automatically  when you turn on your PC.

You’ll need to  go down the list  and look for any programs you know you  don’t use or those that you don’t use  regularly.

Disabling them in here won’t make them stop working, however they may take a bit  longer to run  when you do want to use them but of  course if you don’t use them that often  this won’t make too much difference.

To  disable an application in here  all you need to do is right click on it  and then choose disable.

Make Programs Open and Run Faster

It’s helpful to look at the startup  impact column to help make your decision on whether  it’s worth disabling them.

You can always enable the program again by right clicking on it and then  selecting enable.

Stop Background Apps

The other way to stop background apps is to first go  to the main settings page by clicking on  the cog icon  within the start menu and then in the  settings choose privacy.

Now scroll down on the list on the left until you find the option called  background apps  and then click on that.

Make Programs Open and Run Faster

You should now  see the list of apps that can run in the background on your pc, use the  toggle switches to turn off any apps  that you don’t use.

You should notice a boost in overall performance but it will take longer to  run these apps when you want to use them  so only turn off those that you don’t  use often.

The next method will be to change some of the power settings on your pc. 

You may be able to increase performance by changing the power plan.

To edit these settings 

First go to the  control panel you can get there by searching for it in  the search bar.

In the control panel go to system and  security  and then find power options from the  list.

If you haven’t already you might find that turning on high  performance will help speed up your pc.

But you will increase power consumption so if you are using a laptop  this will shorten the battery life.

Whilst you’re in these settings  click on where it says choose what the  power buttons do  from the options on the left

And then  click change  settings that are currently unavailable  in blue  make sure turn on fast startup is  selected if it is already  then you don’t need to change anything.

These power settings changes  should improve pc performance in general  and improve loading times

Another method that might help is to free up space on your pc  especially if you are near capacity.

i  have a post that will show you 10 easy  ways to free up space  so click the card on screen now to watch  that one after this.

Set Program Priority High

The next method is to make sure the apps  you want to start up quickly  are set to high priority.

This is only a  temporary fix  that you would need to do each time you  load up the app and it should help if  the app stops responding  or if sometimes it takes a while to load.

To do this, open the program first and then go to  the task manager again.

The method to get there was to right  click on the taskbar  and then choose task manager.

In here  go to the details tab this time and then  look for the program you are opening.

It might not be called the exact same  name but you should recognize it when  you find it  once you have found it right click on it  and then hover over  set priority and finally choose high from  the list that appears.

The next thing to try is to change a tag  on the shortcut of the app.

This one may or may not work depending  on the app and it can actually decrease  loading times in some cases.

If you don’t notice an improvement or it  makes it worse then just follow the  method again to get it back to normal.

It’s worth a try and what you need to do  is first find the shortcut of the app  you want to load up.

You can find it by searching for it in  the search bar  for example if we search for audacity it  should say app below its name.

Right click on it and then choose open  file location  find it within the file explorer that  opens and right click on it  and then choose properties.

In this new  window look for the box called target it should  have the file destination in it.

We will be adding some text into this  box and if you are unsure  you could screenshot or take a picture  of what it looks like before  in case you need to revert the changes.

Enter your cursor to the furthest right  position of this box  it should be after the speech marks.

Now  type in space

/ prefetch:1

You can copy copy and  paste it .

Make sure it looks like it does in my  box and then click on apply.

You might also need to confirm that you  have admin privileges after this.

Now try running the application and as i  mentioned there is a chance that this  won’t work and there will be an error  message like this with audacity.

If that is the case follow the method  again and then delete the added text we  put into the target box.

So that it ends with the speech mark  just like before.

The final method i have is to get an SSD  or Solid State Drive, if you don’t have one already.

I have left this to the end as of course  it would be nice to avoid purchasing  extra hardware if we can improve loading  times without it.

But if your programs are still taking ages to load and you have quite an old  machine  and ssd should yield huge improvements.

If you do get one you will need to  install the operating system and the  apps you use most often onto it for the  benefits.

And so that is how to make apps and  programs open and  load faster on a window 10 pc or laptop  for even more ways to speed up your pc  in general  click the card on screen now showing you  how to do just that.

If you have any questions then let me  know in the comments below  and if you did find helpful.

Remember to hit the bookmark button to get our latest information and more tips in the future. Be sure to stick around to see some of  my other post that you might be  interested in  thanks so much for coming.

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