This question has been asked by many, but not many people know the answer, or at least the details of the answer.

A computer virus is a malware that modifies and can propagate itself to infect other computers without the user’s knowledge.

Many viruses are contracted by visiting an infected website. Spread through e-mail attachment.

If your try to open them it install programs onto your computer.

The full form of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Seize.

Other viruses are embedded into software downloads so that they automatically run when you install the software.

Viruses are dangerous because they’re designed to replicate themselves and alter your system settings so that they can take over control of your PC.

Viruses come in all shapes and sizes. There are four main types of viruses:  Resident Virus,  Multipartite Virus,  Direct Action,  Browser Hijacker.

Each type attacks in different ways and can be disruptive to your computer or downright dangerous if you share files with other users.

Computer worms are malware programs that try to infect computer networks. Computer worms spread themselves by exploiting security vulnerabilities in operating systems and software.

To avoid being detected and removed from infected computers, Robert used encryption to hide its messages from network administrators.

The worst part about computer viruses is that they can be used to hack into sensitive data and hold it for ransom or perform other harmful tasks on your system.